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I’m Taylor Stanford


Find me either strolling the isles at Target or scrolling feeds on social media. I’m a serial entrepreneur who started out as a lifestyle blogger back in the day now I own multiple businesses, speak on stages about business and teach women how to strive for the best despite their obstacles so they can build their best possible businesses and lives. Welcome to my lifestyle blog!

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If we haven’t met before here is a little bit about me.

I’m Taylor which I’m sure you know by now. A few short years ago I started this website as a lifestyle blog to share all things about saving money, college, and cheap fashion. After a lot of time, and a little hard work my blog took off because of women with shared interests. I used the money to try and help women like me through two new businesses Too Influenced Media & an offline business all centered around helping women build lives and businesses they love. Here you won’t find photoshopped photos, or fancy fashion because I want to share how real women like you and I can succeed and show what success looks like candidly not through a professional lens. Now here you can find business and marketing advice mixed with a little bit of my life to help you build a life you love so you can live the life of your dreams. Have a look around and if you need me you can contact me here. This was just a taste of my story to read the juicy version click below.

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