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I’m Taylor Stanford

I am a wife, avid Target shopper, and dedicated Pinterest scroller, and in late May 2016 I decided to be like all those women I saw on Pinterest and start a blog. Much to my surprise I became successful blogging and just 7 months later I was able to quit my comfortable job to blog and travel full-time.

Here I am 2 years later forever thankful that blogging is still my full-time job.

I started my blog to share my story of being married young, and our journey of trying to afford to travel & pay off student loan debt.

And thanks to people just like you, I get to call this my full-time job.

If your curious how I did it click the button below for a post all about how I have made blogging my full time job.

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If you stumbled across my website because you have thought about starting your own website with the hopes of being able to work from home, or travel freely. I thought I should share my honest story to maybe inspire you, and give you a glimpse into my real life.

In May 2016 I was 19, nearing my one year marriage anniversary and hating my life. I was a full-time nursing student, I was working during every free minute I had at a job I hated just to barely be able to afford to live in the tiniest, ugliest, worst apartment of my nightmares.

I wanted to be able to travel with my husband like we had dreamed of but you can’t vacation in Colorado on $10, so I had to find a better way.

So I started begging my husband to let me use our last $70 to start a blog. To my surprise he believed I could actually be successful (thanks babe!) and within my first month I had made $300 in affiliate marketing, and within 7 months I was making enough to quit my crappy job and start traveling like I had always dreamed.

I literally had no computer experience, I had no idea how to blog, I had no idea how to build an email list, or get people to read my posts and within 7 months I had figured it all out enough to be doing it full-time. So then I dedicated myself to help other women who want to work from home blogging so now this blog is full of my life, and tips on how you can create a successful work form home blog for yourself.

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