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Hey Girl! You’re welcome here.

I’m Taylor Stanford. I am the most regular blogging business women you are ever going to meet. After becoming a full-time blogging business owner in early 2017 (after struggling at it for a long time!) I made it my life’s mission to teach other women how they can take control of their lives and build the blog or business of their dreams because I felt like everyone else who was a blogger, or business women was perfect or selling something that wasn’t real. So welcome to my tribe! Here you don’t need already have a profitable blog or business. You also don’t have to be rich, have it all figured out, have a certain body type, wear extensions or have the perfect wardrobe (however if you have any of those things you are also welcome here). We are just a tribe of regular women with all different styles, and backgrounds kicking ass and taking names in the blogging and business world.

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I’m Taylor Stanford completely normal mid-westerner, avid Target shopper, and “blogger” (if you want to call me that). I started blogging in early 2016 as a last ditch effort to find a work from home side hustle that I loved.

I decided to give blogging a try because of all the bloggers I saw on Pinterest raving about how they made “$20,000+ every month talking about things they loved” and as a poor newlywed that sounded like a dream!

Oh no this isn’t the part of the story where I tell you “I started a blog and the rest is history” this is…

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