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Do you have goals for 2018?

Setting goals for myself regularly is one of the biggest things that motivates me to keep chasing big things.

I decided to get real transparent and share what my blog, life, and business goals are for 2019 to inspire you to continue to set goals for yourself this year long after January.

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My 4 Latest blog posts

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My life hasn’t always been this…

I haven’t always been the successful entrepreneur who tries to show up for people on the Internet. Just a few years ago my husband and I were living on food stamps in a crappy one bedroom apartment.

One day after hating my life for years I was reading a personal development book and that day I decided after hating my life for years I should show up and stop lying to myself and build the business I had always wanted to build.

So I used our last $71.40 and bought website hosting from my chromebook.

With a lot of hard work, and months of figuring it out all on my own I took that $71.40 and turned it into a successful blog, and two successful offline businesses.

If it wasn’t for someone inspiring me to get out of my own way I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be successful.

So now I have decided to share the best of what I know and help other women get out of their own ways and build a life they love to live.

If your curious here’s a link to my entire about me:

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I hangout a lot on Insta stories, follow along if you want to see my daily life: @bytaylorstanford