Personal Social Media Audit

Taylor Stanford Social Media Audit Graphic (2).png
Taylor Stanford Social Media Audit Graphic (2).png

Personal Social Media Audit


I love completing social media audits. The reason why is because it gives me a chance to share my strengths with you. I have created a small audience of people that provides me with enough money to live from. I do this all through my use of social media. With my social media audits I can teach you exactly how to build your perfect audience, so you can become a six figure blog and business in no time flat.

This audit will include:

1. how you can be getting more followers.

2. How you can improve your biography on every social media site to be getting more traffic to your website.

3. What your strongest content is so that you can include that link on those pages to get even more traffic.

4. An exact strategy to build to social media account you need the most for blogging….

and a lot more

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