Full Blog Audit

Taylor Stanford Blog Audit Graphic (1).png
Taylor Stanford Blog Audit Graphic (1).png

Full Blog Audit


I will go through all the sections of your blog, and review:

  • If the website design is functional.
  • If you are correctly placing your opt ins.
  • If your pictures are correct for Pinterest, and Facebook sharing.
  • If your website is ready for sponsorships.
  • If your niche is correct for the contact you post.
  • Ideas for products you could create and sell.
  • Ideas for affiliate links you could share on your blog. 
  • and much more..

Your (3+ Page) review will be available to you after 2 business days after your purchase. It will be sent directly to the email you include in your purchase. You will also have to include your website link in the checkout page. If for whatever reason the link does not work I will contact you via email to make sure to get a working link. 

If your review does not come within 2 business days then you will recieve a full refund. 

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