How To Earn Money On Vacation

I know many of my readers are heading back to college in just a few days or heading off on family vacations. Which is terrifying but also very exciting. As a blog runner and business owner in college it can be very hard to manage your blog and business. It can be even harder to allow yourself to leave your blog to go on vacation because you want to keep making money this way. However, that shouldn’t be the case. You can still make money while in college, or earn money while you are on vacation.

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Recently I took a vacation with my husband. I knew that I needed to keep earning money with my blog If I wanted to meet my goals for the month and year. Before I left for vacation I made it my job to make sure I could set my blog and business on autopilot for a while.

Passive Income

The great thing about running a blog is that you can create a passive income stream, and earn money monthly with minimal time invested.

All you have to do is create quality content and monetize your blog correctly. At the bottom of this post you can grab my free blog monetization checklist so you can have the best chance to earn money while on vacation.

There are so many tips and tricks when it comes to passive income, and how to manage it correctly. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to passive income, which you can follow by clicking here.

Before I left for vacation I was incredibly stressed out thinking that my blog and business would get no traffic and basically drop off the face of the planet if I left it.

I started realizing slowly I had all the tools I needed to get my blog to run itself while I was gone. I knew exactly how to set my blog to autopilot. Now I am going to teach you. Now remember these tips will only help you if you know that you are leaving your blog or have something stressful coming up.

1.Write your blog posts in advanced.

I had a binder of about 10 blog post topics. I write each topic idea on a blank sheet of paper then scribble down notes, or things I want to talk about in the post. I then use that sheet of notes to create a coherent blog post.

When you know that you are leaving for vacation or to go back to school start a binder, or a notebook of ideas. Then whenever you get time use those ideas to create posts. Before I left for vacation

2.Create your blog photos in advanced.

I have an image template that I created on Canva. I just change the colors and write the title. Which makes it super easy to create the image for my blog even if I forgot until the day it publishes. I have a step by step post explaining how I create image in Canva for free. You can read that by clicking here.

However if you want to you can just create an image template and create your images in advanced with your blog post that will make it even easier.

If you plan to take photos of food, or of vacations you can do this as you create the post or the recipe.

3.Schedule your posts.

If you run your blog self hosted through WordPress it is super easy to schedule your blogs to post on their own. All you do is scroll up on the post to the corner where you would hit publish change the date and hit schedule instead.

This makes it super easy to have your blog run itself.

4.Schedule your social media posts.

I use Hootsuite to schedule all of my social media posts. Which is free and super easy. I schedule 4 tweets a day, 1-2 Facebook posts a day, and 1-2 Instagram posts a week. Which makes it seem like I am being really active online even when I’m not.

5.Create and schedule newsletters.

I like to send weekly blog tips, and information on monetizing your blog to my subscribers each week. I like to keep that up even when I know I am going to be busy or on vacation.

So I use MailerLite (which is free) to create my newsletter campaigns and schedule them to send when I want them too.

Appealing to your email subscribers on a regular basis makes them feel more comfortable with you, and it makes you seem more reliable.

6.Schedule your pins.

I use BoardBooster to schedule my pins on Pinterest. They make it super easy to stay active on Pinterest even when you are low on time. Pinterest can be the most helpful tool for bringing traffic to your blog. You don’t want to give that up just because you are going on a trip, or back to school.

BoardBooster will cost you a few dollars every month but if you use it correctly it is worth your wild.

7.Create scheduled email reminders of your products.

If you are someone like me, or many other bloggers who offer products and services you don’t want those to be forgotten while you are in school or on vacation. Just like I like to create a weekly newsletter to send out to my subscribers I like to send out a regular email ever month, or two weeks to tell my readers what I am working on, and what products or services I have out available.

8. Monetize your blog correctly.

I created a free checklist to help you guys out because I know monetizing your blog can be confusing especially when you are in a rush to head back to school, or get your bags packed for vacation.

You can get that free checklist by click here.


Closing Statements

I hope going back to school, or heading off to school isn’t too stressful on you.

Just know your blog isn’t going to get up and run away without you.

You can still earn money, and do other things that you love.