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I am so happy you want to reach out to me. Unfortunately, I get too many emails each day to get back to quickly. So to try and make sure your question gets answered and answered in a timely manor I have created an FAQ that should answer your question, and if not feel free to fill out the contact form below and someone on my team will try and get back to you as quickly as possible.

+ How to Request a refund

I am so sorry that you are not absolutely loving a course you purchased from me. I completely understand wanting to get your money back for something that is not serving you. I want you to feel like a purchase from me is the best thing you could have done. However, I also want to make sure you are giving the course your best effort. To make sure you are putting your effort into the material we only offer refunds to people who the course material did not work for.

To request a refund first make sure your refund request meets the following refund requirements. After you have collected the requirements send your refund request to within 60 days of the purchase you are requesting a refund for.

1.A completed workbook, you must send us pictures, or a digital version of your completed workbook.
2.For 30 Days to Blog Success: A link to your website that shows you have implemented at least 2 of the recommendations in the course.
3.A link to your Pinterest account showing Pins you created in compliance with recommendations from the course.

Sorry again, please send your refund request to

+ Problem with your blog?

I get it! Figuring out WordPress can be a difficult task. I wish I could answer your WordPress / blogging related question in detail, the only issue is that it is really hard for me to help you when I can't see the same screen you are struggling with in real time.

If you are having a specific issue with your blog here Is what you should do:

1.Search Pinterest. Pinterest is an amazing resource full of bloggers who know way more about the technical side of blogging than me. However, I'm your go to girl for tips on Pinterest, monetization, and marketing your blog. Just search Pinterest like you would Google. So if you are stuck and don't know how to add custom fonts to your website just go onto Pinterest and search "Add fonts to wordpress" or if you use Squarespace "add fonts to Squarespace"

2.Search Google. If Pinterest doesn't have it search Google. Google is an amazing resource and more times than not any time I am struggling to figure something out I just google the specific issue I'm facing and I can find it.

3.Reach out to your hosting company. You hosting company are the people who keep your website online. For instance your hosting company could be, Bluehost, Host Gator, Squarespace, Wix, and there are tons of others. Yours will be the one you signed up for your website under. Most of the time they have a forum, person to contact, or you can just contact their main "Contact Us" type page, or phone number. You can find it by searching "Contact (your host)" on Google.

+ Advice on starting your blog.

I get it! Starting a blog is definitely confusing, and can totally be overwhelming. Even though I can't get back to all the emails, and DMs from you guys who need help starting a blog I definitely have some tips.

For this, you are going to need some paper or an empty word document, but a piece of paper is my favorite way.

After you get a piece of paper title the paper with like "blogging advice" and put the date on it so you can look at it in the future and see how far you have come.

Then create a section header and start by writing out why you want to start a blog. Is it to replace your income so you can stay home with your kids? Is it because you think it will get you closer to your dream of being an author? Is it because you think it will give you more exposure for your business? Or is it something completely different? Just start by writing out your why.

After you've created your why start a list of all of the blogging related tasks that stand before you and your why. For instance, If you haven't started your blog yet your list may look like this:

1.) pick a domain name for my blog.
2.) sign up for blog hosting and reserve the domain name I picked out. Here is a guide to how to start a blog.
3.)Pick out a theme for my blog.
4.)Install the theme for my blog.
5.)Install my sidebar on my blog theme.
6.)Create a Pinterest account for my blog.
7.)Create 10 relevant boards to my blog topic on my Pinterest.
8.)Fill in the Pinterest boards with relevant keywords.
9.)Brainstorm 30 blog posts that people are searching for Pinterest for.
10.)Create a blog posting schedule (1-2 posts per week)
11.)Write my first blog post.
12.)Create an about page on my blog.
13.)Create a contact page on my blog.
14.)Create 3 Pin images for my blog post on Canva.
15.)Pin the 3 images for my blog post on Pinterest to each board they are relevant to.
16.)Write my second blog post.
17.)Recreate steps 14 & 15.
18.)Research affiliate marketing.
19.)Look for affiliate marketing opportunities in my blog niche.
20.)Install Google Analytics.
21.)Install Google Ads on my blog.
Then basically just keep going until you get to the point of earning money, or accomplishing your why!

Then pick an interval of time to complete each task. For instance, complete one task a week until you accomplish your goal. This will help keep your mind on your end goal and make blogging a lot less stressful. I do this same thing for my self even now.

+ Help picking a domain name for your blog?

Picking out a domain name aka .com for your blog can be hard! I struggled with it for sure.

However, before I offer the little bit of advice I have on the subject I wanted to say this.

Your domain name really doesn't matter. Most people won't be typing in your domain name they will find your website on social media, and won't even notice your domain name. So if you are struggling to come up with a domain name don't over think it.

I always suggest someone uses their first name then last name as their domain name because if your blog gets popular it gives you much more recognition and allows people to know you.

If you don't want to use your first and last name, or it isn't avaliable then I like domain names like.

The(topic your talking about)

LifeWithThe(your lastname)

(your first name)sjourneywith(your topic).com

(topic 1)(topic 2)and(topic 3).com

Hopefully this atleast helps you start brainstorming!

Don't over think it.

+ I didn't get a day of your email course!

Oh no! sometimes technology fails us. I want to make sure you get every day of my 6 day email course on how to start a blog.

If you didn't get a day of my email course, or if you want to look back on a day click here to get any day you are missing right away.

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