How To Increase Traffic Using Pinterest

So you want to increase traffic? Pinterest is the best free growth tool when it comes to blogging. I have been using Pinterest for years but I just recently started using it in all of the right ways.

I have grown my blog’s traffic by thousands of unique viewers in just a few days.

Growing your traffic using Pinterest is super easy, and free. It does not get much better than that.

There are a few ways to increase your traffic using Pinterest and in this post I am going to discuss some of the ones that have brought my blog the most traffic.

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Enhancing Your Bio

Inhancing your biography on Pinterest will increase traffic in the same ways that changing your name will. It makes your page more likely to attract readers who are looking for what you offer.

An ideal Pinterest biography says what you do so once again pinners know what they are getting. This way the followers you get want to see your blog posts and pins.

Here is my whole Pinterest Biography:                      


It says what I do so bloggers know when they come to my page that I am going to help them turn their blogs into a profitable business.

Changing your bio is much like changing your name, you just go to your profile and click the edit profile button in the top right hand corner.

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Just like I said earlier Pinterest is a search engine so it optimizes certain accounts as better. The better accounts get more of their posts featured. One way to get Pinterest to see your account as better than others is to pin new things often.

Do not just pin anything though pin things that relate to your blog or business. For example if you are a food blogger things like recipe pins and kitchen tools pins. This will increase the amount of time your posts come up when people search for food related things.

When I say pin a lot I mean I aim to pin 60  – 80 things a day.

You need to be active in order to get Pinterest to see you as one of those great accounts.

Hope that this helps you increase traffic like it has for me!

Enabling Rich Pins

Enabling rich pins will give pins from your website more credibility. Rich pins show your websites title and favicon under the photo which gives them a more professional and polished look which increases the chances that someone will save it to their boards and check out your website.

Click here to see a board full of rich pins. 

Here is the base of a rich pin.



You can see that it has my sites favicon and that it says “Smart and Simplistic.”

Enabling rich pins also increases the likely hood that Pinterest will show your post at the top of a search. Pinterest is a search engine so they try to show the best content not the most recent. Pinterest sees rich pins as pins that are better than normal pins and is much more likely to share them. Enabling rich pins will increase traffic to your website there is no question about it.

To enable rich pins you sign into Pinterest and go to the rich pin validator or click here.

Once you are there you type in your websites address and click “Validate”

If Pinterest did not find any problems with your page then a screen will pop up saying, “Your pin’s have been validated” then you just click “apply now” and another pop up will come up with your website domain and html tags and click “apply now again.

Then boom! Increased traffic.

Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

Changing Your Name

Changing your name on Pinterest is so minor yet it will increase traffic? How? because when you have a name that also says what you do it is more likely to catch someones eye.

The perfect name on Pinterest says who you are and what you do.

Here is my Pinterest Name: 


This tells people exactly what they are getting when they follow me which you can do by clicking here. They are going to get blogging tips and information about entrepreneurship. So if someone is stumbling through Pinterest looking for tips about blogging and sees my name they are much more likely to come check out whats going on in my boards.

To change your name just go to your profile and click the edit profile button in the top right hand corner.