How To Start A Blog


How To Create a Blog

How to create a blog: Starting your first blog can be scary. Thinking, "what if no one reads it," or "what If I suck I'm not creative" I know I had those thoughts. So when I finally got the guts to create a blog I was scared because I thought I was going to fail.

Here I am a few months later living my dreams and making more money from my blog than I did at my day job while doing something I love.

I completely understand if you don't want to invest a lot into your blog when you are just starting out. I have only invested $70 into my blog to this day. Starting a blog on a budget is not hard if you are willing to put in a little time (around 20 minutes). This 4 part series will take you through everything you need to know to create a blog for less than $75 a year.

You can do this, and you do have a chance to make it.

When I started Smart and Simplistic I was hesitant to invest the $71.40 it takes to create a blog, because that Is a lot of money (especially for a poor college student like I was) and I had no idea If I would ever get it back. My blog hasn't failed it has become a full time income in just two months. Wan't to read about how I did that? click here.

And just like I didn't fail I know you won't fail if you are motivated. That is all it takes.

The reasons you should create a blog are truly endless but here are a few to get you motivated.

  • Anyone of at any age can start a blog.
  • You don't need any experience to start a blog.
  • Side income
  • Full time income
  • An outlet for expression
  • Freedom
  • Chance to build relationships
  • A place to be creative even if you aren't creative.
  • Anyone can start a blog and be successful.


Now let me teach you how to start a blog!

Step One: Deciding On a Domain Name

Time to decide what you want your blog to be called so you can pick out your .com! What should you call your blog? It is totally up to you and what you plan to talk about but I just had a few tips.

Side note: I recommend getting a .com not a .net or .co just because it looks more professional and it is easier to remember.

    1. Keep it short. This makes getting social media accounts for your blog much easier since they have character limits.
    2. Keep it simple. This makes it easier for viewers to remember.
    3. Keep it true to you. By this I mean keep it true to what your blog is going to be about. No one is going to take a food blog called "" seriously or remember it
    4. Make sure its not the name of something else. You can check this by searching the name you want on google.
    5. Keep it professional. You want this to be a business so you don't want a name people wont take seriously like the travel blog.
    6. Make sure it is available. You can do this by filling in the box below and clicking "check availability"


Step Two: Picking A Hosting Platform

Since you just decided what you wanted to call your blog lets get it started. With Bluehost you get a free domain so you can go right into step two. If you decided to host your blog on another platform you are going to have to go buy your domain name first from somewhere like GoDaddy.

Lets make this as simple as possible. I know how to create a blog by using Bluehost I have never experienced it on another platform.I am only going to going in detail on Bluehost because they are the best in my opinion. I do not want to give someone tips I wouldn't follow myself or have not experienced. I have hosted my blog on Bluehost since I started it. They have been great every step of the way. Every time I have contacted their customer service they have been so helpful.


What you get: 1 free domain, hosting, free installation and 50% off (if you use my link)

Annual cost for 1 year: $71.40

Annual cost for 2 years: $59.40

Annual cost for 3 years: $47.40

Get blue host by clicking here

To sign up for Bluehost click here then follow along!

When you click any of the links in this post (or right here) to sign up for Bluehost. You get a special discount for using my link. The discount is over 50% annually plus you get a free domain (you'll be saving more than $50 dollars annually). The price you get through my link is $3.95 a month (you can only get it when using my link) and normally the prices starts at $7.99 a month. It is a great deal and hasn't been a bad choice for me.  If you want to make money blogging being self hosted is my only tip. I didn't make any money blogging until I started self hosting through Bluehost.

Bluehost is a great service I would not recommend it If I did not love it. In fact it is the only affiliate program I am apart of because so far it is the only one I believe in.

Step Three: Picking A Bluehost Plan

You are going to go here to You will come to the Bluehost home screen you are going to click "get started now" on the banner. This will take you to a landing page where you will select the type of plan you want. I recommend selecting the smallest plan because you can always upgrade later. That way you can save some money up front and just invest the money you make in the future back into your blog and upgrade it.

After you have decided what plan you want go a head and click "select" and meet me at the next step.

Blog Screen 1.png

Step Four: Creating A Bluehost Account

Now enter the name you want in the "new domain" box. If you already bought a domain from a place like GoDaddy then enter that in the "I have a domain name" box. Then click the "next" button.  On the next screen you will type in your information like email and name. This account is where you will sign in to manage all your blog settings such as email, and advertising. So choose an email you have accesses to and plan to use for a while when you start your blog. Then scroll down and move on to step 5.


Step Five: Choosing A Hosting Package + Length

After you have finished creating your account scroll down and select your package information. First of all I recommend deselecting all of the add on features because there are great WordPress plugins that do the same things for free (we talk about that in part 4 of this series link at the end of the post). After deselecting all the add on features I recommend just getting the 12 months and upgrading within the year to save money that is what I did.


Step Six: Payment

Now it is time to select your payment. Then you are on your way! It will take a few minutes for Bluehost to set up your website (around 10) when they finish setting up your website you will receive an email and be already and set to go install in the next step. Once you can login to Bluehost and your website is set up move on to step seven.



Step Seven:Installing Wordpress.Org

Wohoo! we almost have a blog. How exciting? Super exciting. You are going to be living your dreams in no time flat after this. This part is a little more confusing so I am going to walk you through it step by step.

To start this you have to login to your new Bluehost account which will bring you to this screen:


After you see this screen scroll down until you see the box titled "website" which looks like this:


Then you will find the "website" box click the "install WordPress" icon.

which will bring you to this page:


Once you are here click "Install" don't worry about selecting a package or getting any of that extra stuff.


Click "I have read the terms and conditions" and after that click "Install Now"

Then you will be on your way! All for the cost of hosting!

You are ready for part two: which you can get by clicking here. We will be talking about how to pick and install a theme!

Here are the links for all of the series:

Part 1: How To Start a Blog

Part 2: Choosing and Installing Your First Theme (for free)

Part 3: Creating Your First Logo (for free)

Part 4: Plugins You Need For Your Blog (free)

Disclaimer: This post contains my Bluehost affiliate link but all opinions are my own and they are honest. 

Hi guys! I am Taylor Williams (Stanford is my maiden last name) I am a college student by morning and a full time blogger / business owner by the afternoon. I love helping bloggers, photography, and traveling. I hope you that I can help you in some way. 

Hi guys! I am Taylor Williams (Stanford is my maiden last name) I am a college student by morning and a full time blogger / business owner by the afternoon. I love helping bloggers, photography, and traveling. I hope you that I can help you in some way. 

      Instagram: Taylor__Stanford

                snap me: Simplytaylorxox

                snap me: Simplytaylorxox

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