How to get twitter followers fast...

How to get Twitter followers quickly. Everyone who runs a business wants a sucessful Twitter account and may think that if they are starting from nothing that they can't gain followers fast. Let me prove you wrong. Here is how you gain followers fast. 

How I Gained 300+ Twitter Followers In A Week

Twitter can be super important when it comes to blog growth. Twitter Is a very interesting social media platform. You get 140 characters to explain your thoughts and sell your blog or business. However, it is very helpful for increasing your websites traffic if you do everything right. So you are going to want to gain Twitter followers if you are a blogger or small business owner. Twitter is also a great place to build relationships with bloggers, and other people in the community who inspire you. I could write a whole post on the benefits of being active on Twitter and using it right but that is not what you are here for so lets get into it.

Today I am going to be giving away my secrets on how I gained 300+ twitter followers last week. 

Here is my Twitter: TheSimpleSmarty

How I Use Twitter:

I use my twitter to connect with my blogs target audience. Which allows me to use twitter to build connections and increase my traffic. I tweet blog tips, personal anecdotes, and helpful information for bloggers and small biz owners. The way you use twitter is important to note because you are going to want to speak to your target audience and not the whole world.

How I Got 300+ Followers In 7 Days:

I am going to break it down day by day so it is an easier to follow guide. I am not trying to keep any secrets over here. I want you to be successful. You deserve it!

  • Do not send thoughtless annoying DM’s to people asking them to follow you or sending them links to your blog. It is annoying and is less likely to get you twitter followers who will actually interact with your content.


  1. I set goals for the week, how many followers did I want to get each day. The goal was 35 a day hoping to end the week around 250 followers up for the week.
  2. I planned out what I wanted to put in my tweets. 1/10th self promo 9/10ths personal + blogging tips.
  3. I planned out how I was going to approach getting followers.
    1. Follow users within my target audience (bloggers, and small business owners)
    2. Use hashtags people within my target audience will be looking at ( #smallbiz #girlboss #ontheblog)
    3. Communicate with people I follow (like their tweets, reply to their tweets, retweet other people tweets)
  4. I planned to follow everyone back (This is my blogs twitter, I don’t have to read it if it doesn’t apply to me)
  5. Then I implemented my plans I followed 20 people who where within my target audience and interacted with their tweets.

Followers Gained Monday: 18


  1. I followed 30 people within my target audience + 8 people who followed me on Monday.

  2. I tweeted with hashtags
  3. I deleted old self promotion (it makes your blog look like a boring sales page, not a real persons twitter)
  4. I interacted with other peoples tweets that fell into my Niche (blogging, and small business.) I liked about 20 tweets and retweeted 2 or 3.

Followers Gained: 64


  1. I followed back everyone who followed me on Tuesday plus 30 people within my target audience.(i.e. people from the twitter chat that Ill talk about later)
  2. I tweeted with hashtags
  3. I replied to tweets that interested me
  4. I participated in a twitter chat #NectarChat
  5. I pinned my latest blog post to my profile.

Followers Gained: 44


  1. I got caught up on Jane the Virgin and didn’t tweet all day.

  2. I followed 15ish people
  3. I did nothing
  4. I did nothing
  5. I probably took a nap

Followers Gained: 27


  1. I followed everyone back who I was not already following
  2. I finished Jane The Virgin (great show go watch it on Netflix)
  3. I was active on Twitter for at least an hour and a half throughout the day.
  4. I tweeted some older blog posts.
  5. I followed 45 people within my target audience or who I admired.

Followers Gained:68


  1. I followed everyone back from the previous day
  2.  I liked 20 tweets
  3. I followed 20 people within my (I’m going to say it again) target audience.
  4. I deleted old self promotion I tweeted throughout the week.

Followers Gained: 54


  1. The last day in the week wow this post is almost over.
  2. I followed everyone back from the previous day.
  3. I tweeted stuff that was not about blogging.
  4. I followed 30 people within my (probably the last time I am going to say it) target audience.
  5. I liked 30 tweets that I actually liked or learned from.

Followers Gained: 44

Total Followers Gained Last Week: 319


Closing Statements

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