Why Branding Is Important for Bloggers

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Branding is so much in blogging.  The reason that branding is so important as a blogger is that you have to stick out to be successful. To be successful when blogging you need to have consistency. So branding is basically sticking out and consistency put together!

What Is Branding?

Branding is everything besides the text on your blog. Branding is things on your blog like:

  • The colors 
  • The patterns 
  • Where you put your ads
  • The fonts 
  • The photos 
  • Your tagline
  • Your favicon
  • the personality that you express in posts
  • your social media (especially Instagram and Pinterest)
  • and more!

Branding is how you show your style to your audience

But, Why Is Branding So Important?

Well, I told you a little bit about branding,  and like the most basic parts of why it is important but that was barely skimming the surface now I am going to tell you why it really matters!

1. It shows your style

Like I said before branding is so important because it shows your style. Bloggers find their success by showing their style because their readers connect to that blogger.

If my blog post were all just the same text all the way through, with no color, and no photos would you want to read it? (hopefully yes, because I am so interesting. right?) probably not.

This matters the most when you have a fashion, food, lifestyle, travel, mom blog, actually... it always matters.

"Your vibe attracts your tribe!" I don't know where I heard that first or who said it but it is so true. If you have a colorful blog that shows your colorful personality you will attract colorful people, with colorful personalities!

If you are super down to earth, and use super earth tone colors, and share your super laid back personality then you will attract super laid back people!


2. It will increase the amount of money you can make

Back in the day I had a horribly branded blog, and it was white with black text and everything was the same font because well I was new to blogging, and just didn't want to invest in a theme right away.

(I still never have to this day, I did all this design by myself without having any prior knowledge I just watched a ton of YouTube videos)

I made a little money blogging but definitely not enough to call it a full-time gig.

That is until I rebranded my blog and picked colors to have everywhere, and had consistent colors in all my pins, and a more personal tone in my writing and now I make thousands every month blogging (more than I would make with my college degree like what?)

So having consistent branding will definitely make you more money, I learned this first hand.

3. it makes people recognize your blog

Have you ever driven by a Starbucks or Target and had to be like, "oh what was that? was that a Starbucks or a drug store?" no probably not because there branding is that kick booty!

They always have the same colors, things, and logo. Their buildings are always the same shape and they always have the same menu! (and so many more little things but I am sure you get the idea)

You want your blog to be the same way, you want when someone sees your latest Pinterest Pin that they will be like oh wow cool a new post from "TaylorStanford.com" without even having to click on it!

You want your blog to be the Starbucks of blogs.

4. It shows your audience your relatable

Like I said and tons of people before me "Your vibe attracts your tribe!" and it is so important to attract your tribe as a blogger. You want to attract people that are like you, or depending on your niche people who need your help!

Your brand does so much to show your readers who you are, because we aren't YouTubers it is a little harder to communicate with your audience. 

I wish this was a video, so that I could just communicate with you guys but it isn't so I use special fonts, and images, and headings to catch your attention and tell you what I think is important. 

Those are things that you can be doing with your blog to show what you think is important for your readers!


5. It separates you from the competition

There are millions of bloggers, yes millions. That means you are just one of millions of bloggers (thats nuts) but that doesn't mean you cant be the biggest, and best fish in that big old pond!

Your blog, and the images you choose to use are what separate yourself from the millions of other bloggers. 

And I cannot stress how important it is to set yourself apart, it will increase your chances of getting to work with brands, go to events, and actually make a full-time income from your blog. 

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Closing statements about branding your blog

Basically, all I have to say about this post is that branding is so important for your blog. More important than I can even express. It is everything when it comes to being a successful blogger. 

That being said I know you will kick butt at branding, and be the new McDonalds of Blogging!

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