The Best Springs to Visit in Florida

Florida is one of the places in the United States where there is the ocean, and so much more. When people think of Florida they often think "Disney" or "Beach" but there is so much more to Florida than that.

I grew up in Florida and got to know way more of Florida but then I moved to the midwest, and now I often get asked by people going to Florida "What should we do in Florida?" my answer almost always is "Go to the springs!"

They are way nicer than the beaches, way cleaner, and way less sandy, oh and it is also so beautiful.

So I have decided to compile a list of the top five springs I love in Florida.



Devils Den Springs is a spring inside a cave! I don't know about you but swimming in a cave is sounds awesome. You either have to be there to snorkel or scuba dive they do not allow just casual swimming. So that is why they rank so low on the list.

The crowd: here is definitely young adventurous teens and young adults. You have to be over 18 or have your parent with you there to swim.

The price: It is a $15 a person.

Silver Springs Florida


Silver Springs is a Florida State Park, but it is also the set of many movies! They filmed Tarzan and The Creature From The Black Lagoon. This park is very family friendly. They have two bedroom cabins that you can stay in as a family. They have glass bottom boat rides where you can see the wildlife. They have fun activities you can do like peddle boats.

However, this spring you cannot swim in. BUT there are many other springs close by in the Ocala National Forrest so don't let that discourage you from stopping by.

The crowd: here is families on day trips or vacations.

The price: It is a $2 a person, $110 per night for a 2 bedroom cabin, and the price of glass bottom boats ranges from $11 for a regular tour, and $25 for an extended tour.



Fanning Springs to me is a best-kept secret because it is in a super small town outside of Gainsville. The people here are nicer, and the food is amazing.

They have a few cabins but the main point of a trip here is to swim or walk on one of the many trails.

The crowd: here is families on day trips.

The price: It is a $6 a car, and $95 per night for a 2 bedroom cabin.



Blue Springs State Park is one of the best springs because you can swim, camp, tube, and just hang out for the day. They have a short run where you can tube, but if you swim upstream there is a cave you can swim over (or down into if you are a skilled scuba diving) and a large swimming area. The flow of the water isn't too much so it is great for a family trip.

The crowd: here is families on day trips or vacations.

The price: It is a $6 per vehicle, and $95 per night for a 2 bedroom cabin,


Itchetucknee springs.jpg

Itchknetucknee Springs is the best spring because there are multiple springs on this single property. There are springs for swimming or springs for tubing. There are long tubing runs or shorter tubing runs. There is food, and places to get tubes nearby.

The crowd: here is families on day trips.

The price: It is a $6 a car, and $5.50 for the tram for each person, or $7.50 for the shuttle and tram service.