September 2017 Blog Income and Traffic Report

September 2017 Blogging Income and Traffic Report

September 2017 Income Report.png

I finally decided to do an income report. People have been asking me to do income reports for so long because I blog about finances, and making money blogging. For a long time, I shied away from doing this for a long because I didn't know if this was the type of information I wanted on my blog because I feel like it can discourage people from doing things they think will work for them. 

I decided that making income reports would motivate me to 1. Strive to make more money so that I can motivate more bloggers to start or keep going. 2. Remember how far I have come in the future. 3. Show people what channels are making money so that they can make money with their blogs more quickly (like within a month or so).

Before we get started I want to explain a few things:

1. This month is not the first month I made money blogging. I have been making money from my blog for over a year now. 

2. This month is not my highest grossing month or even close. The reason I am starting with a  month with lower income is that I started a new side hustle from my blog. I had to sign a nondisclosure saying I would not share the project or how much I am making from it for now so while I am making more than ever from my blog I cannot disclose the amount I am bringing in from my secret project. 

3. These are rough values because some things pay out in tiers, so I am not exactly sure how much exactly it is yet. 

Let's jump into it!

Here is everything you need to know:

I know I may seem like I am bragging my saying I am a full-time blogger, but I am so blessed to be making this amount. I started making money blogging my very first month and became a full-time blogger after only a few months

If you want to become a kick-behind blogger and start earning a full-time income like I do you can now start a blog for 2.95 a month if you click here. (like it's a no-brainer a mouse could earn 2.95 a month blogging) 

This is a special price I worked out with Bluehost because I have such awesome readers that are worth fighting for, so you can only get this price from the links in my how to start a blog series, or by clicking here.

Interested in earning a full-time income blogging?

I recently just published my first e-book (yay!) on how I launched my blog from making $300 to $10000+ a month in one month. It is called 30 Days to Blog Success and with the promo code: HOLIDAZE you can get 50% off until Thursday, December 14th, 2017 at 11:59 PM. You can get it by clicking here . 

  It basically, covers everything you need to know about:

  • What you should be doing on social media to reach an audience.
  • How to get the right followers on social media.
  • How to start affiliate marketing.
  • How to find and pick a niche that will make you the most money (or how to fine tune your niche now)
  • How to get people to your website when you are new.
  • How to master Pinterest to get traffic all the time.
  • And much more.


Affiliate Income 

  • Bluehost (I talk about this in my e-book, but check out my how to start a blog post): $980    
  • Ebates (get cash back for shopping online like what?): $136        
  • Misc small affiliates: $200

Product Income

Side Hustle Income: 822.25

Income I cant talk about: xxxx.xx

Total revenue: $3492.01


MailerLite: $10 (email list + landing pages that are way better than anything else)

BoardBooster: $20 (it automates pinning, so you get way more followers, and clicks with no time)

Internet: $39.99

Total Expenses: 69.99 (+tax)

Net Income: $3422.02

About my Income: 

Bluehost: $980

I started my blog on Bluehost there customer service is the only reason that I didn't lose my blog several times because I was clueless about the hosting, and backend stuff when I started. Bluehost's staff is available around the clock and are always there to answer questions and help me. I created my blog in less than 5 minutes once I finally figured out what to call them. I share Bluehost with my readers because they are amazing to me, and are honestly the best place to start your blog. 

Ebates: $136

Ebates is honestly amazing you make money for online shopping. Who doesn't online shop anyway? All you have to do is add the plugin in Chrome and anytime your going to checkout they are going to pop up and tell you there is cash back. I used it when buying my college textbooks and got nearly $100 back in January now I use it all the time to get cash back on top of my affiliate income. 


Now guys... don't be alarmed but I don't have massive traffic on the income I make. I have pretty small traffic but I have an amazing audience who is incredibly targeted for how I market my blog with SEO and Pinterest which you can learn all of with my e-book. (Plus you can get my ebook for 50% off with the code: HOLIDAZE  until December 14th at 11:59 PM) To get my e-book, you can click here or click to go to the store above in the navigation. 



I know it's incredible, that I can make a living from my blog without having six-figure traffic.

What my goals were this month.

This month I feel like I am finally settling back into my blog. For months I haven't been posting on my facebook page, or in my facebook group and I feel like this month I finally got my drive back to start doing that. 

There is a lot more I wish I did this month like:

1. Launch my blog auditing service. (Which I did and you can get by clicking here, its currently 50% off for the day until I sell out.)

My blog auditing service is where I go and look at your blog and explain to you how you could maximize your profit, and engagement. I look at everything you are doing now and tell you where you could improve and what things I think you could do today to start making more money ASAP.

2.Finish writing my second e-book. 

3. Finish my mastering blogging mini guide. (coming soon)

4. Schedule my social media. 

5. Get better about emails. 

5. Start up my 30-Days to Blog Success Affiliate program (starting that today click here for more info or feel free to email me at 

And so much more. However, this month was stressful we moved out of our college apartment into a house (we are still in school though). My husband lost his job inexpediently due to downsizing. We had to move everything ourselves out of our apartment, and storage unit. I got a terrible cold half way through the month. These are all just excuses, but I wasn't as dedicated as I wanted to be to making money online. 

Let's talk about traffic...

I desperately want to grow my traffic which is what my goal will be for October. I have such an amazing audience targeting tool that I talk about in my book, which makes it easy to make money from having a small audience but still If I can grow that small audience then I can help even more people make their blog goals happen and make a larger income. 

It is my weakest link. I know how to grow it, but I just have not been putting the energy into developing a number of visits to my website, the length of time spent on the site, and page retention are all good. I just need to grow my traffic if I want to increase my income and brand.My blogging revenue and traffic goals for October 2017.

My Traffic and Blog Income Goals for October 2017.

This month my main focus is going to be: increasing my traffic and increase my income. 

I feel like these things are a no-brainer who doesn't want to grow every month? It is especially important now that for the time being, I am the sole provider for the household. 

My tactic is going to be:

  • Post daily on Facebook (in the group, and on the Facebook page.)
  • Post daily on Twitter.
  • Increase my Pinterest following by 1000 (long shot goal but I can do it.)
  • Start adding video content to my blog posts and on YouTube.
  • Sending weekly / bi-weekly emails to my email list. 
  • Create 2 new content upgrades to grow my email list. 
  • Write 6 new blog posts that are full of really amazing content.


I think that's everything.  This is the only type of blog post I am not really sure how to end. 

Hopefully, this information is helpful to you!

See you next month!