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Hey there! this is the list of EVERYTHING a blogger needs to build a kick-butt blogging empire and a few special deals for my audience that will help you save money along the way! As someone who has been blog is their full-time job for the past few years and someone who makes a six-figure blogging income these are the things that I have tried and loved! everything else did not make the cut. I assure you these things are the very best for bloggers of any size.

A quick note before I give you all the great resources you need to be a six-figure blogger here is a disclosure:

Some of these links may be an affiliate and I may earn a commission if you purchase things from some of these companies. This commission will come at no cost to you, in a few cases, it will actually save you money. The only reason I WOULD EVER WORK WITH A COMPANY AS AN AFFILIATE is that I absolutely love the product and the company. Many of these links are also not affiliate links. I am talking about these companies because I love them, and their products not because of the tiny cut of affiliate commission I may make.




BLUEHOST: Best Website Hosting

Bluehost is the very best website to host your website because it is so much more affordable, and user-friendly than all the other hosting websites I have tried in my blogging days. Bluehost allows you to install WordPress with the touch of a button which makes a job that can be very confusing for first-time blogger super simple. I have a whole step by step guide to setting up a blog with Bluehost which you can read by clicking here. 

PLUS: I reached out to Bluehost to see if they would be willing to give my audience a special price if I made sure to share it with you guys, and they agreed so you guys get to get the very best price out there!

So you can join Bluehost (which is my number 1 blogging resource) at a special price just for you readers! 


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CONVERTKIT: Best Email Managment

ConvertKit is the best email list manager on the internet! it was literally made by a blogger for bloggers so it has everything you need to write and build an amazing email list and nothing more. They have tons of videos all over their website to make it super super easy to navigate even when you are just beginning. 

ConvertKit allows you to build an email list easily. They show you how to create a opt-in form to put on your website then how to create opt-ins to get people to sign up.

ConvertKit makes emailing as a blogger easier than ever!

I highly highly reccomend using ConvertKit for your email list building and management.

PLUS: they offer a super great free trial so you can try literally everything before you sign up to really get a feel for it and you can watch the videos!

TAILWIND: Best Social Media Scheduler

Tailwind is amazing because it allows you to schedule all your Pinterest photos and Instagram photos in advance! it also will show you similar pins that you post to your boards so you don't have to go to Pinterest to find new things to pin. 

Tailwind also tells you when to pin to get the maximum amount of views, and clicks. They also tell you which pins are doing the best so you know the style of pins, and pin descriptions that bring in the most traffic.

Tailwind has my favorite feature which is called tribes. On tribes you can share your photo with a bunch of bloggers who blog about similar things for them to post to their Pinterest accounts. This builds your traffic like crazy and with people who are actually interested in your content. 


TEACHABLE: Best for Creating an Online Course

as many people may know creating a course is a great way to increase your income as a blogger and also help people learn something.

EVERY BLOGGER no matter what you talk about on your blog can create a helpful and profitable course. If you are a food blogger you can create a course on how to become a more efficient cook.  If you are a fashion blogger you can talk about how to get the best deals on high-end products, or how to create a fashion blog. If you are a mom blogger you can create a course on sleep training, or co-sleeping, or breastfeeding, or working from home as a mom.

SO BASICALLY courses are a great way to increase your income and TEACHABLE is a great way to build a course. it is so user-friendly and starts at a great price of FREE!  Teachable walks you through every step of creating a course from naming it to uploading content, to creating content to launching your course! 

Teachable is great for creating a course and makes it super easy to add affiliates, and you can get paid everyday!



EBATES: Best Cashback Earning Site

Ebates is my favorite thing almost ever! I love getting cash back. I would have been buying the stuff anyway so why not get cash back and often extra discounts just for being an Ebates member? It's free to sign up and use Ebates so I highly reccomend it!

Last year when buying textbooks I saved over $50 and got $80 in cashback, so I am a huge lover and believer in Ebates for their cashback and discounts. 

If you are trying to save money for anything, or just try to save money I think Ebates would be a great addition to your life. You can add a little plug-in to your google chrome is you use it and everytime you shop on a website with a discount or cashback it will pop up and tell you to activate the deal! 

PLUS: get $10 when you sign-up if you use my link!

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Nothing sucks more than when you want something so badly (for me it was to have a blog that supported me and my family so we could travel) and you just don't know how to get there.

I personally think that 30 Days to Blog Success is a great way to figure out how you can create a blog that will support you and your family so that you can travel.

It is great for newbie bloggers, or people who want to blog to learn how to build a profitable money making blog from nothing in a month. It's still 50% off to kick-off summer (now $25) You can check it out by clicking here

Or you can learn more about the course by clicking the button below.


I honestly believe that these are the best products to use as a blogger & a special one to save you money. I have been using all of these things for a very long time. These are my favorite products I use them every single month. I wish I had been using these from the beginning because I could have been making much more as a blogger in the beginning. 

I reccomend every product in these resources hevily!