How to Make a Pin go Viral on Pinterest

How to Make a Pin go Viral

Making a pin go viral is something every blogger or Pinterest user strives to have. Viral pins bring so much traffic to your website.

Pinterest is so important for bloggers it is the difference between having consistent traffic and having none at all. 

When I first started blogging I found success faster than the average blogger because I already knew how to use Pinterest correctly, and had a pin go viral in my first-month blogging.

So what do you have to do to make a pin go viral? Everything in this post then hope for the best!


COLOR IS EVERYTHING on Pinterest because it is how your image stands out, it is what will grab the pinners attention. On Pinterest images that feature Red, Orange, and Pink images are repinned two times more than those that feature cool tone colors like blue and green. So make sure you are putting your keywords in bright warm tone colors. 


Pins that are square, or wider than they long do not do well. Pinners like pins that are vertical meaning longer than they are wide. Most pinners use images that are 735 x 1102 pixels because this size does the best. I typically use pictures that are 735 x 1200 pixels because I like having a little extra length but that is not the standard.



You want your readers to know it is your pin as soon as they see it. Because that means you will start to build an audience of Pinterest users who are interested in your content. This is important for building an audience not so much making a pin go viral, but it is a step you don't want to forget. 

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Pinterest at the end of the day is just a search engine, it is a way for people to find things they are looking for. Before I go to the store almost every week I type in things like "Easy pasta dinners" or "quick dinner recipies" to get ideas for meals for the week. So when you are creating the descriptions for your pins you want to make sure that the first few words are something that someone would search for. 


How to make a pin go viral on Pinterest, How to Cook Potatoes in the Crockpot, Top beauty items of may 2018.

This will increase your pins likely hood of being seen by people.


Did you create this awesome pin that you want to go viral for a blog post you wrote? well include this super cool image in that post and make sure it has an awesome alt descripiton. What is an alt description? you should see it when you upload an image on WordPress you want to make the alt description the same description as what you would put in the description on Pinterest because that is what will be the description when readers share that image on Pinterest. 


Rich pins makes Pinterest think that your pin is better, and is more likely to show them to people. This means that your pins are more likely to  go viral. 

A rich pin basically certifies to Pinterest that these are your content, they are trustable content and they will have your websites favicon under each pin you pin from your website

I created a whole post about how to set up rich pins and if you are interested in a step-by-step on how to set them up you can read it here.



Pinning your new pin to Pinterest just one time is not going to be enough to make it go viral. You are going to pin it once then pin that pin to every board it is relevant to including group boards. This will make it look like your pin is already more popular. This will increase the likely hood that your content gets seen more often. 

So try this to get your pin to go viral.

  1. Pin the pin to the board it fits on the best.
  2. Go pin some other peoples content (2-4 pins).
  3. Pin your pin to another board it fits on.
  4. Go pin some other peoples content (2-4 pins).
  5. Repeat until it has been pinned board it is relevant to including group boards.
  6. Make a second image for that same pin and repeat with the same description.



As I mentioned above pin you want to go viral to your group boards. More often than not group boards have a larger audience than you do. This gives you an opportunity to reach thousands of people who do not follow your Pinterest account. This makes you way more likely to go viral. 

So what if you don't have group boards? often if you use Pinterest a lot people will just start inviting you to group boards so if you haven't checked your invitations.

If you have checked your invitations and you don't have any then you can always search Pinterest for group boards then message one of the people on the board and ask them to invite you.

If you don't want to message someone, or if everyone said no, or didn't get back to you go on Facebook and search groups for "Pinterest" and a list of Facebook groups where people go who are looking for Pinterest group boards or looking to add people to their Pinterest group boards.

Thats all I have got for that, but hey if you have any other advice leave it in the comments because I am always looking for more ways to help you guys!

9. Use Tailwind

Tailwind is one of the only reasons for my blogging success. Using tailwind has made ten times more of my pins go viral.  Frankly because:

  1. Tribes show your content to people in similar niches with 10x more followers than you have.
  2. It picks when to pin my content, based on when it is most popular.
  3. It tells me which boards are getting the most re-pins aka what boards are worth pinning my content to.
  4. It tells me which tribes are getting me the most re-shares (what its called when your content is re-pinned from Tailwind)
  5. It tells me which pins are getting shared the most so that I no to create more pins and content like it.

So if you aren't already using Tailwind to schedule your pins (because to go viral often you should be pinning almost 100 times a day, and I don't have time to be on Pinterest all day) then you should be.

Yes it requires money, but it is the best money I have ever spent for my website.

I made back what it cost me in one day, because it brought one of my products way more traffic than it was every getting before.

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Hopefully all of this is going to help you kick your blogs traffic into hyperdrive. I love hearing from people who read my posts then start getting tons of traffic, or even start making good money blogging.

It makes me so happy to know that these posts might actually be helpful to people.

If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments below!