How To Pay For College With A Blog

How To Pay For College With A Blog

I am going to tell you how to pay for college by starting a blog or website, which is incredibly important. Paying for college up front can save you from a life of debt and sadness but first here is my story.

My Story:

I wish I knew how much money I could be earning from my blog when I started college. I like many people singed my life away to start college. Yeah you guessed it right, I decided to get student loans so that I could go to a big university instead of balancing my budget and going to community college. Little did I know the true cost of student loans at the time. I started college naive when it came to debt and student loans all together. I knew the basic you get student loans, and have to pay them back six months after you graduate college. What I didn't know was how much student loans really matter, and why no one should get them if they do not have to.

About Student Loans:

This post is not going to try and talk you out of going to the college of your dreams, it is going to encourage you to go to the college of your dreams instead. It is also going to motivate you to get out there and start earning money to pay for your own college debt free.

I had no idea what debt really was. I knew it was money you get from someone and have to pay back with interest in the future. What I did not know was that it can ruin your life, your ability to buy a car, house, or even rent an apartment.

Debt isn't something that they teach you about in high school but it is something that everyone should understand, and strive not to have. Which is why you should desire to avoid student loans at all costs.

You will have roughly 10 years to pay them off after graduation, however you can accumulate upwards of 120,000 dollars in student loans if you include costs for room and board, text books, and other necessities. Interest rates for even government student loans can be upwards of 8% which will leave you paying roughly $1450 a month on top of a possible car payment, house payment, and other necessities.

Why You Should Go to the College of Your Dreams:

The reason I think you should go to the college of your dreams is because it will give you something to talk about, dream about, and believe in.

Going to the college of my dreams has given me the best experiences in the world from football games, and social events to making memories at the dining hall with friends.

It will allow you to grow, change, and become yourself.

Never hold yourself back, because you can literally achieve everything you want just believe in yourself, and do the right thing.

How to Pay For College

Now lets get into the meat and potatoes of paying for college. I did not pay for college all up front because well I didn't have a plan in place. I took out student loans at first, then realized how terrible they are going to affect my future and I came up with a plan.

My sophomore year of college I started this blog right here with the goals of

  1. Helping college age kids understand finances.
  2. becoming debt free.
  3. paying for my future college.
  4. buying my first car.
  5. buying my first home.

It has been 8 months and I have currently accomplished 1,3, & 4 and am working on paying off all my husband and I's student loans. It is only year one. You can do this to easily. You can pay for college with ease by creating a small online business of your choice.

The way you pay for college is:

  1. start your own website / blog.
  2. pick a niche.
  3. write / create products.
  4. save your earnings.
  5. live debt free.

How to Start a Website

I have previously written an entire series of posts about how to really craft your website all by yourself for cheap and without design experience. It is the recipe I created and followed when I was creating Smart and Simplistic and it has worked for me this far.

You can read that series by click these links:

  1. How to Create Your Website.
  2. Excatly How to Find a Perfect Theme.
  3. How to Create a Logo For Free.
  4. The Plugins you Need for Website Growth.

How to Know What To Talk About

I know starting a website can be intimidating and seem like there is nothing to talk about. That is never true, you are always researching for college, leisure, or to find answers. You can be the source of those answers, information and casual reading.

Many people feel like there is no reason to start a website, blogs are on the way out. Well I don't know about everyone, but I know about me. I have grown my blog into a full time business in one month, and then in 3 months It was enough income to quit everything else I was doing, and 6 months in I bought a car, here I am 8 months in loving my life and using my blog to fund my

  • travel
  • college
  • living expenses
  • car

You can read more about that story by clicking here to read about how I earned $300 my first month blogging, and how I turned my blog into a full time business.