5 Online Jobs For College Students


Online Jobs For College Students

Online jobs for college students answer all of the worlds problems. Making money as a college student can be essential for survival. However finding the time or place to get a job might be nearly impossible. I am going to show you a few online jobs for college students so that you can make more money than all your friends without even having to leave your dorm room. Thats right you can work from home.

When I was a freshman in college (just last year) I came to campus knowing 1 person & having no car and taking way too many credit hours. This made it nearly impossible to get a good paying job because one I had no time & two I had no car. Sure I could find a crappy on campus job that paid minimum wage that only worked nights and weekends. But then I would have no time to go to football games, tailgate, or volunteer.

So I realized the best way to work would be to work online (my dorm). I tried being an online survey taker (made $10 in a month) which lasted about 4 weeks before I realized I was wasting my time and then the thought came to me to do something scandalous…

Start a blog.

Which leads me to online job for college students number 1.

1. Become a blogger.

Once I successfully started blogging and earning money, I decided to write down everything I did that first month and make an ebook out of it. This week I am running a special promo for us college kids so you can get 60% off my ebook the code is 2017summerClick here to get my ebook and don’t forget to enter the code 2017summer.

This might sound ridiculous and time consuming. However, It doesn’t have to be. I am sure you are passionate about something food, makeup, cars, trucks, engines, decor, planning, business, college, greek life, healthy eating, politics, fitness, yoga, a disease, charity, being a young parent or religion. There is something you care about. You can right about that thing and make money. Real money. It is one of the best online jobs for college students.

My first month blogging I made over $300 blogging (a lot more from my time as a online survey taker) and here I am four months later blogging as a full time job (I make more and more every month) paying for my college, and not digging myself into debt plus I have money to travel and have nice things. I am doing all of this working online as a college student.

It has forever changed my life, and now I get to help people like you follow their dreams and find online jobs that they love and I found a passion of my own: finance and business. Plus getting to work from home makes college a lot less stressful.

If you want to start a blog and become a business owner by investing less than $80 read about that on my blog by clicking here.  I walk you through the whole process of starting a blog, setting up WordPress, Installing your theme, and creating a logo (all for free) head over there.

Then head over and check out my post all about how to make money with your blog from the start and grab the free checklist that got me started by clicking here.

It will change your life, plus there is no limit on the money you can make!

2. Become A Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is another one of the great online jobs for a college student If you aren’t ready to jump straight into blogging, and starting your own business right now then I recommend getting your feet wet by becoming a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant you do things such as schedule social media accounts, filter emails, draft blog posts, help come up with ideas, answer emails, and collect information for your boss.

You will work as a contractor with specific tasks most of the time. Which makes it easier for you and them both when it comes to doing your taxes.

There are many ways that you can become a virtual assistant such as starting your own website where you advertise and offer your services, however that is a little more difficult and almost like starting your own blog.

I reccomend heading to one of these websites below, creating a profile and looking for the virtual assistant job that fits you.





3. Social Media Manager

As a millennial chances are you have a social media account and are great at running it. This already makes you qualified to have a job. Crazy right? What a time we live in. You can work from home just by managing someones social media accounts. Running social media is one of my favorite online jobs for college students.

To become a social media manager, I would start by contacting local small companies by email and offering to run their social media accounts for however much you see fair, or offer a trial run where you run their accounts for a month and if they like it they will pay you.

This is great because you set your hours, choose who you work for, and get to set your pay.

Start by looking at small companies in your town that you care about, then see if they have a social media presence.

If they do but they post maybe once a month, or you see room for improvement make notes about exactly how you think you could improve it, and what ideas you have for the future.

4.Freelance Writer

Have you taken a college english class? Do you enjoy talking about many things? Do you enjoy writing about many things? Wow you are qualified for this online job already.

Maybe you should think about becoming a freelance writer. At the beginning the pay might not be astronomical however once you build up a little experience you can start making $100+ per article, or paper written.

Now that will for sure pay for some coffee, and text books.

Freelance writing jobs can be found all over the internet but after checking into it myself I have found that these are your best bet at actually finding work and not wasting your time.





All of these website ask you to write about a specific topic, and offer a set amount of pay. You offer them details or a draft and they accept or decline to work with you.

If you want tips on how to be a top notch freelance writer you can check out this board on Pinterest: click here.

It is all about freelance writing resources and tips.


Well if you landed on this blog post somehow I am assuming that you can type. Which makes you a great candidate for this online job for college students.

If so I might have found the perfect work from home job for you.

Transcribing things.

A transcriptionist listens to a video, sound clip, or something of the sort and types exactly what they hear.

You can make anywhere from $.10 a minute to $.50 a minute which is pretty good more for every hour that you work.

You can work from anywhere at any time, wearing anything you please and without an an annoying boss.

I reccomend checking out the sites below they all are reputable and offer honest and good pay.






Closing Statements

If you are interested in starting a blog I definitely recommend getting my ebook of my 30 days to blogging story. It covers every little thing that I did to get my blog to where it is now (earning thousands a month) and the things I used to do it. I really hope that it helps. Just click here to get it and don’t forget to enter the code 2017summer at checkout!

Working online as a college student is only as hard as you make it. As long as you are determined, and hard working it should be no problem. To start a great work from home business may take a large time investment at the very beginning such as: starting a blog, setting up social networks for it, and planning content. After that it will pay off every month with very little up keep. There are many great online jobs for college students.

My number one recommendation is to start a blog. I make more money than most people my age and don’t have to do stuff I hate. I set my hours, goals and pay. Nothing is better than that.

I invested many hours at first learning, and setting up social media accounts and now I get all the benefits of an online job for college students without the hassle.

If you need help starting a blog and starting to work from home check out my series on how to start a blog by clicking here.  Then head over and check out my post all about how to make money with your blog from the start and grab the free checklist that got me started by clicking here.


 Here are a few of the best online job for college students. As a college student working online is something that I have come to love, I hope that other college students can learn from these online jobs and hopefully land one of these jobs for themselves.