My All Natural Not Sponsored Skin Care Routine

I have seen so many bloggers recently sharing their skincare routine but then as you read it you find out it’s sponsored by a specific company.

Which always makes me think that those may not be the products they truly love.

So once I found a solid skin care routine that I love I knew I needed to share it and have it be #notsponsored because people deserve to know what I am actually using and loving, not just what a brand is paying me to talk about.

this skin care routine is for:

Oily skin? this is for you. Dry skin? this is for you too. Combination skin? oh yeah this is also for you.

How did I come to find this routine?

Over the past few months in I have been learning so much about how much the things you put on your skin affect your health.

Who would have thought? Your skin can actually absorb more of the bad stuff in products then your body can if you ate them.

So when I started learning about all that stuff I decided it was probably a good idea not to be covering my skin in bad for you chemicals twice a day.

So as I ran out of the products I was using, I started to replace them with all natural good for your skin products and now I finally have an all natural skin care routine.

I have been using these products for a while now, and my skin has gotten so much clearer and bright. I can honestly say my skin doesn’t miss the products I used to use at all.

All the links in this post will open into a new tab, so you don’t have to worry about losing this post if you want to check out one of the products I list.

Oh and the plus side? you can buy all of these affordable skincare items at your local Target.

(because thats really the place I do 90% of my shopping)

1.) Face Cleanser

So every-morning & night I cleanse my skin to either help me wake up, or wash off all my makeup from the day.

The cleanser I am obsessed with at the moment is the Acure Brightening Cleansing Gel. It is $9.99 at Target and it isn’t only me who likes it has tons of great reviews on Targets website.

I wet my face with warm water, then squeeze a nickel size amount into the palm of my hand and wash my face for around one minute. Then I wash it off. It energizes your skin, I don’t know how it does it but my skin always looks so much better after I use it.

You can click here to check it out.

On days where I am too lazy to wash my face at night, or I’m traveling and didn’t bring my whole cleanser with me I use the Burts Bees Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Towelettes.

Not because my skin is actually sensitive but because they are gentle on the skin, while still removing any excess oil or makeup from my skin.

I have found that a lot of sensitive skin products typically have better for your skin products in them than typical products.

You can click here to check them out, they are only $2.99 at Target so a real steal of a deal!

2.) Face Exfoliating Scrub

I have met my one true love in a facial scrub. I swear I will not use another facial scrub as long as this one is for sale.

It is called the Acure Brightening Facial Scrub and it is the whole reason I started using the cleanser I mentioned above because if a company makes a face scrub this good everything they make must be amazing.

It comes out looking like coffee grounds and charcoal mixed together which was worrisome at first but It’s life changing.

Instead of cleanser some nights I apply a quarter sized amount of this face scrub to wet skin and scrub for like a minute, to two minutes 3 times per week and the day after I use this scrub I always have the best skin days.

I highly highly recommend you check it out. You can click here it’s only $9.99 at Target.

3.) Daytime Moisturizer

My favorite moisturizer is…. you guessed it…. also by Acure however this is the last Acure product on this list (probably because I have only tried these 3)

Its the Acure Brightening Day Cream (apparently I am really trying to brighten my skin) It goes on so smooth and doesn’t make my oily skin any more oily under my makeup.

I use a dime sized amount every morning after cleansing my skin. It’s $16.99 at Target and totally worth every penny. Click here to check it out.

4.) Nightime Moisturizer

Even though I have oily skin I live in the tundra’s of Nebraska. This has honestly been the most snowy, windy, winter I have ever lived through so even though I have naturally oily skin my skin is also dry because of how cold, windy and dry it is outside.

So currently at night I need a little more moisture then I did when I was living in Florida.

I have found the perfect natural heavy duty moisturizer for my oily skin that doesn’t cause my acne prone skin break out at all.

It’s by Burts Bees and it is their Intense Hydration Night Cream. I am obsessed with how nice it goes on and how it smells. Plus every morning when I wake up my face is now as smooth as baby skin so thats a plus!

I apply a dime sized amount to my whole face after I wash my face at night.

You can click here to check it out at Target. It’s only $9.49

5.) Acne Spot Treatment

I have acne prone skin, If I eat too much dairy I breakout, If I travel to somewhere with humid air I break out, If I fall asleep with makeup on or even leave it on for too long I break out.

Which means in my routine I need an acne spot treatment so I can get rid of my spots ASAP.

I use the Burts Bees Natural Acne Solutions Maximum Strength Spot Treatment (man that is a mouth full of a name for a product).

I have tried many different natural spot treatments over the last few months, however the first night I tried this one I knew it was the one.

It doesn’t dry into a dry paste, it dries clear so you don’t look like a speckled monster. Plus the first night I put it on a spot I woke the next morning and the spot was basically gone!

That had never happened before. I have been using it on every spot since then and I still totally love it.

I apply a tiny dot sized amount to every spot I have after I wash my face at night after I moisturize.

Its only $8.49 at Target and worth every penny! Click here to check it out.

6.) Body Wash

My body wash is one of those things that I don’t think is anything special on this list. It just is body wash.

However it’s natural, good for the planet, and it smells amazing!

Its the Love Beauty And Planet Coconut and Mimosa Flower Body Wash and it smells amazing, and I also love the jelly texture.

You can also use this as a bubble bath, if you are looking for a more natural form of a bubble bath!

It’s only $6.99 at Target and it smells so so so good! So if your looking to make the switch to more natural products, I do recommend it. You can check it out here.

7.) Body Exfoliating Scrub

If you are someone like me who likes to self tan because you don’t actually have the time, desire or location required to lay in the sun you need to exfoliate your body.

Heck you even need to exfoliate if you just want to have baby soft skin.

I have found a new favorite and it is the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus hand and body scrub.

It has flower petals in it, and it moisturizes your skin while removing all the dead skin we don’t want around anymore.

I use it to exfoliate my skin twice a week while in the shower.

It’s $10.99 you can check it out here.

8.) Body Lotion

Save the best for last?

I have oily face skin, but probably the driest body skin in the whole world. Which means I used to have to use body lotion 2-3 times per day in order for my skin not to be painfully dry and itchy.

That was until I found my holy grail body lotion recently. I can apply it once a day and I have the most buttery soft skin ever.

It smells so good without being a strong smell.

This most amazing holy grail moisturizing lotion is the Raw Sugar Sensitive Skin Body Lotion in Almond Milk + Agave + Oat Meal

I apply a ton if it every night before putting my Pj’s on, or after I shower. I love love love this body lotion.

You guys it is life changing. On the list this is my #1 and I recommend if you buy one thing from this list, you try this lotion. You can click here to get it it’s $11.99.

Closing Statements

If you are considering switching your skin care products to more natural ones I highly suggest it!

For a long time I was worried that they would cause me to break out, or they wouldn’t work as well as the ones I was already using.

Neither of those things was true, my skin now looks and feels better than it ever has. If you have any questions about these products totally feel free to ask!

Hey I am Taylor, I am your average girl, who spends as much time at Target as possible, loves getting her nails done, and would spend 364 days out of the year sitting by a pool in the Caribbean if possible. Oh, also this blog is my full-time job.  (this is my husband and me at his sisters wedding)

Hey I am Taylor, I am your average girl, who spends as much time at Target as possible, loves getting her nails done, and would spend 364 days out of the year sitting by a pool in the Caribbean if possible. Oh, also this blog is my full-time job.

(this is my husband and me at his sisters wedding)

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