How to Make Money Online While You Travel

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Traveling is such an expensive pass time, If you are like me you probably like to travel ALOT. The whole reason that I started my own business is that I want to be able to enjoy my life the way I want, and travel as much as I can. 

Now you do not need to be self-employed to make money from while you travel. In fact it is probably equally as easy not to be self employed. I am going to give what I think are the best ways to make money while you travel, but I am also going to include some of the ways that you can save money while you travel.

My background

 I first started blogging  because I wanted to be self employed, and be able to travel, put myself through college, and buy a house. I heard from every source that it was going to take a long time, and I was going to need hundreds of thousands of page views to start earning a real income. I loved blogging and helping bloggers. I was determined to make Smart and Simplistic (now  successful fast to prove to myself and bloggers everywhere that you can follow your dreams without investing years of your time with no return. I have now been earning 10k+ Monthly blogging. It has changed my life and allowed me to live my wildest dreams.

If you want to join my free how to start a blog email course. In it we talk about many of the things that have brought me to the point of making 10K+ a month! here is what we go over in it:

  • Day 1: How to start a blog for beginners. 
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  • Day 3: Planning out your content.
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  • Day 5: Increasing your website's traffic to make more money.
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I started making hundreds of dollars my first month  (you can read about how I earned $300 my first month blogging here) because I broke outside of the norm, you can do this too. Everyone can do this. Every blogger can achieve their goals if they work with motivation and passion. I am here to help you!! Just think about it when you find something on Pinterest you don't just look at one outfit photo you look at 5, 10, 15. There is room for more than one person in blogging.

I make a full-time income from home while being a college student, this is a dream come true but anyone with a little dedication can make a full-time income from home, or on the road. 

Now let's get into how you can make money while traveling!

1. Blogging

SPOILER ALERT, I make a full-time income blogging now (10k+ a month) So this is the method that I have the most faith in. Whenever someone around me says that they don't like their job I always try and persuade them into starting a blog. Most of the time they don't end up starting blogs sadly but a few people in my life who have done it and changed their own lives blogging.

Blogging has allowed me to earn a passive income, I spend maybe 30 minutes a day working many days I don't even pick up my computer. Blogging is not as intensive as some people think it is especially now that I know what I am doing. 

I feel like blogging is a great job for a stay at home mom because it is not time-sensitive, no one can get mad at you when things come up and you just don't have time to do it. Plus you can fit it in your schedule whenever you want to. 

If you want to join my free how to start a blog email course here is what w go over in it:

  • Day 1: How to start a blog for beginners. 
  • Day 2: How to install your first theme and create a free logo.
  • Day 3: Planning out your content.
  • Day 4: Monetizing your website as a beginner.
  • Day 5: Increasing your website's traffic to make more money.
  • Day 6: Planning out your long-term goals.
  • Day 7: Wrap up & Guide to follow for the future to maximize profit.


Starting a blog and making money is probably not as hard as you may think. I started making money blogging my very first-month blogging, and oh boy was I a beginner I had no clue what I was doing. Which is exactly why I know anyone can make money blogging. If you want to know how I made money my very first month blogging you can read more about that here in my post about how I made money my very first-month blogging.

I started a blog and earned more than 6 times the amount I invested into it the very first month, so needless to say it was very affordable. Here I am now a few months later earning a full-time income from it.

If you want to know how to start a blog you can click here and follow my free step by step guide, so you don't have to wander through it like I did. Which means that you can probably earn money even faster than I did.

I highly recommend starting a blog it has honestly changed my life for the better. Now I am going to get to stay home and raise my kids and travel while having a job I absolutely love.

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The e-book is basically about how to start a blog, how to build a social media following and all the things I have done to take my blog from $0 a month to over $10k+ a month. It is a 30 Day Kickstarter guide to being a successful blogger. 

2.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money. I have been making 10k+ a month affiliate marketing for the past 8 months! However, making money through affiliate marketing may not be as cut and dry as it seems. Affiliate marketing is how I started to make money and the way I continue to make a large portion of the money.  I wrote a whole e-book about how to get started with affiliate marketing when you are just getting started making money online.  (I also talk about other ways to make money in it)

The e-book is called 30 Days to Blog Success, but don't get me wrong if you don't have a blog this is still a great resource because the purchase of the book comes with a workbook, and 1-on-1 coaching from me via email if you purchase the highest level If you are interested in my e-book you can find out more about it by clicking here.

 My income has continued to increase every month! if you are interested in increasing your income with Affiliate Marketing I highly recommend you check out 30 Days to Blog Success, if you are interested in you, can find out more about it by clicking here.

3. Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is actually what got me into blogging, I was looking for ways to make money and started coming across blogs. This lead me to start my blog, and now we are here!

  This to me is one of the easiest ways to make money from home this while you travel when you have little experience. There are very few good sites to earn money through surveys with. This is the list of ones that I believe is the best. They are all FREE:

  • Swagbucks which pays you in points, then let you cash in the points you have earned for e-gift cards which you can use to buy gifts! The cool thing about Swagbucks is that you can earn points in many ways not just surveys. You can earn points googling things, posting links, doing surveys, writing posts! its great. You can click here to sign up.
  • American Consumer Opinion
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Survey Junkie
  • One Opinion
  • Opinion Outpost

Almost all the survey companies pay per survey in points, then when you get to a point threshold you can request your money.


Photography is a great way to earn money. It is much easier than you think I helped a client that gave me this idea. She said that when she was on vacation she took some time out of the vacation to make money as a photographer. 

She would post on Facebook Marketplace in the place that she was going advertising that she would take pictures for people, or companies for a good deal. Then during the vacation, she would take 1-2 clients and take photos of them.

You can do this even if you aren't on vacation, there are other great places to post about doing freelance photography:

  • Craigslist
  • Fiverr
  • Posters at your school/college
  • Posters at your workplace.
  • If you want more ideas feel free to contact me!

To learn more about photography and how to make money with it check out this great post I found: ShrimpSaladCircus Photography

5.Rebates / deals

Rebates are not exactly making money while you travel, but it is a way to get money back and save money while traveling. This past year using Ebates I have saved and received almost $500 which will pay for an entire trip. (if you travel right) 


Ebates is great because if you go to their website It shows you how much total you can save with coupon codes, and after cash back, you can use the Ebates plugin if you use google chrome so it will alert you when online shopping so you can get a great deal and cash back.

Ebates has cash back for almost every website out there, and if there is no cash back the plugin will pop up and tell you where you can get a better deal with a coupon, or cash back.

It works by signing up for a free account on Ebates, connecting your PayPal or giving your address. Once you have done that you can begin looking for any online deals, including flight deals, or really any gifts. 

on average I would say I save 10-20% off almost all my purchases by shopping with ebates, and then get another 10% back in cash. So it is definitely worth looking into if you want to earn a little money.

PLUS: they have there very own travel search engine which allows you to find great deals on hotels, and then still get cash back on them. Like what? Here is a link to their search engine: Ebates Hotel Search

6. Become A Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is another one of the great online jobs for anyone If you aren’t ready to jump straight into blogging, and starting your own business right now then I recommend getting your feet wet by becoming a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you do things such as schedule social media accounts, filter emails, draft blog posts, help come up with ideas, answer emails, and collect information from your boss.

You will work as a contractor with specific tasks most of the time. Which makes it easier for you and them both when it comes to doing your taxes.

There are many ways that you can become a virtual assistant such as starting your own website where you advertise and offer your services, however, that is a little more difficult and almost like starting your own blog.

I recommend heading to one of these websites below, creating a profile and looking for the virtual assistant job that fits you.

7. Social Media Manager

As an adult in today's society, Im gonna guess you have a social media account and are great at running it. This already makes you qualified to have a job. Crazy right?

What a time we live in. You can work from home just by managing someones social media accounts. Running social media is one of my favorite online jobs for college students.

To become a social media manager, I would start by contacting local small companies by email and offering to run their social media accounts for however much you see fair ($1 per quality post, $100 a week, whatever you see is fair for the amount of work you would do) , or offer a trial run where you run their accounts for a month and if they like it they will pay you.

This is great because you set your hours, choose who you work for, and get to set your pay.

Start by looking at small companies in your town that you care about, then see if they have a social media presence.

If they do but they post maybe once a month, or you see room for improvement make notes about exactly how you think you could improve it, and what ideas you have for the future.

8.Freelance Writer

Have you taken an English class? Do you enjoy talking about many things? Do you enjoy writing about many things? Wow, you are qualified for this online job already.

Maybe you should think about becoming a freelance writer. At the beginning, the pay might not be astronomical however once you build up a little experience  (which can be created in a short amount of time) you can start making $100+ per article, or paper written.

Now that will for sure pay for some gifts this season.

Freelance writing jobs can be found all over the internet but after checking into it myself I have found that these are your best bet at actually finding work and not wasting your time.

All of the websites ask you to write about a specific topic, and offer a set amount of pay. You offer them details or a draft and they accept or decline to work with you.

If you want tips on how to be a top notch freelance writer you can check out this board on Pinterest: click here.

It is all about freelance writing resources and tips.


Well if you landed on this blog post somehow I am assuming that you can type. Which makes you a great candidate for this online job for college students.

If so I might have found the perfect work from home job for you.

Transcribing things.

A transcriptionist listens to a video, sound clip, or something of the sort and types exactly what they hear.

You can make anywhere from $.10 a minute to $.50 a minute which is pretty good more for every hour that you work.

You can work from anywhere at any time, wearing anything you please and without an an annoying boss.

I reccomend checking out the sites below they all are reputable and offer honest and good pay.

10. Sell Your Own Products

Do you have a talent for design? Do you have a way with words? 

You can sell your own products or services. I have an e-book which brings in a good income. I reccomend  if you have a writing talent to create an e-book and sell it on a Digital marketplace (Itunes, Amazon) for a good price you can create your e-book by writing it in a document then saving it as a PDF then uploading it to Amazon or Itunes.

If you need help. Email me:

There are so many great ways to earn money and travel. You can do this!