Income Report - $9,244.42 (January 2018)

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I promise I am going to tell you exactly how much money I made blogging in January 2018 blogging but before I get into that I want to share my story of how this blog started.

I want to inspire as many people as I can to join blogging because I honestly believe that It can change everyone's life... that is right I believe that anyone can have a successful blog It doesn't matter their background.

If you want to skip right down to the juicy juicy go right ahead, this is my story for people that are new here.

PS. This is my income report for Creating Taylor my lifestyle blog because I want to share with people how they can make money from blogging about things they love, not blogging about blogging.

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A few years ago (June 2016) I started Creating Taylor a lifestyle blog, where I share my travel secrets, recipes I love, fashion stuff, sports stuff, budgeting stuff, beauty stuff, essentially where I talk about things I love.

I started that website because I heard bloggers, could make money talking about what they love and as an 18 year old poor, married, a college student who loved to travel it sounded like a dream.

When my husband and I got married at 18 we lived in a tiny tiny tiny (did I mention tiny?) apartment near campus since married students couldn't live in the dorms. We survived on $800 a month.

Needless to say, we survived by eating ramen noodles and mac and cheese. 

The summer after my first year at college and before my second I wanted to travel but there was no way we could travel If we were both working and going to school full time.

I kept telling my husband "If we only had the money to start a blog I know that I could make money with it" he joked it off for a few months before he got sick of me saying so he said "here is my credit card if you think you can do it just do it but you better give it your all"



To us, the $71.40 I invested to start by WordPress blog self-hosted via Bluehost was a ton of money. 

I began working 12+ hours a day on my blog (thank goodness college campuses have free wifi!) I read every website I could about blogging and collecting all the tips so that I could make sure I didn't waste any time blogging. 

I was not about to be one of those bloggers who blogged for 6 years straight only to make $10 dollars.

I was going to be successful with a small audience,  and I did not have any time to waste if I still wanted to be able to take a vacation that summer.  

I took notes about everything I did that month because I knew that information might be helpful to others starting a blog.

When I wasn't doing research about blogging I was writing content about being married in college, paying for college, and how to affordably keep up with the college trends.



So I wrote a whole post about how I made $300 my first-month blogging and then I started to get all these questions like, "how did you do it?" and "can you teach me how to make money with my blog"

This made me realize that what I had learned about blogging was valuable to people so I started this website in addition to my lifestyle blog in order to help everyone else who wants to make it as a full-time blogger.

Because this blog is about blogging and not a lifestyle blog I share my income from Creating Taylor here because it doesn't really fit my content over there but this is the money I make on my lifestyle blog.



I have been a longtime reader of income reports because I think they give readers helpful information, but because of secret projects I have been working on with companies, I could not disclose more than 80% of my income until this month!

So my income is a bit smaller than it typically was because the project is over, but I also only worked for about 8 hours this whole month so I was expecting this!

I think writing income reports will really inspire people who think "I can't blog because I have nothing to say, or I can't blog because I don't understand computers" because I started my blog and I literally had nothing to say, and no idea what I was doing!

I literally had to google everything every step of the way (this is why I can answer almost every question my readers have because I had to look up literally everything so I began taking notes) I googled everything from "how to start a blog" to "how to install a theme". (I linked it because I know some of you might be curious) 

So If you are scared to start a blog because you feel behind the curve of technology, or because you don't know what you are gonna say cut it out! I started my blog cluelessly, and I now know what I am doing and make six-figures! You can do this!

My income for January 2018

Affiliate Income $ 1,885

I am not happy with this affiliate income but I know that I can increase it.

I don't share the break down of my affiliate income by the program because some programs have asked me not to, and I wish to continue working with them, however, I will rank them by largest.

I have helped bloggers increase their affiliate income from $0 to $4,000 in one month so I know that I can make way more than this, but I did not follow my own rules this month (oops)

Click here to learn more about my rules for affiliate marketing, and how to make the most money from it.

A few months ago one of the women in my course emailed me and told me my course had helped her increase her income from $300 to more than $7,000.

If the people in my course are following my tips and increasing their income that much following my tips then I know I should go back to following them.

If you want to know more about the course I am talking about, here's the link its only open once a month every other month so it may or may not be open soon click here to find out more.


Amazon Associates - #1

Amazon Associates Sis amazing because who doesn't already love and use Amazon? 

We have three Amazon Echo's in our house, I use it to program our lights and order stuff and set timers. I am all about Amazon. 

I make a good amount with Amazon Associates because they already have the trust of my readers, which makes it easy to share my favorite Amazon products with them.

I share things like super fun and cheap clothes I am loving from Amazon like this cutest swimsuit, and the camera I use for photos, and even my favorite book currently (this is it, it is a great and inspiring book for bloggers).


Ebates - #2

If you don't already use Ebates you should. Ebates has paid me over $600 in cash-back over the past year. I use it for everything.

I have the Ebates plugin for Google Chrome and every time I go to a website that offers cash back it tells me and activates the cashback and I did literally no work.

Plus they also have additional discount codes that will pop up and tell you as well. If you ever do any online shopping I highly reccomend it. Also If you click here you can join Ebates and get $10 just for joining with my link. 

I know it's nuts they are really just giving you $10. I promise this is not a scam Ebates is really just that good. 


MISC - #3

I didn't earn much (less than $100 from MISC) so I just consider it MISC so you don't waste your time trying the things that failed me this month.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Of course only for companies that I absolutely love. If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact page to email me.

Offer ends: Friday June 1st, at 11:59PM EST. 

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Sponsorships are something that I have always thought about but I have never really done them until now.

I am happy with the amount I made this past month from sponsorships.

I think that sponsorships will be a great way to diversify my blog's income.

I get offers for sponsorships very often but at this point, I have been turning them down.

I think that this year one of my goals is going to be to take more sponsorship opportunities If I really love that company because, why not spread the message of a company that you love.

I can't talk about each sponsorship I have gotten paid for because some of them are not published on Creating Taylor just yet. 

However, if you have questions about them feel free to email me by using the contact button at the top of the post.


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Ads are something that I hardly have any of. I might have one ad in a few different blog posts. However, I know that I could make more money from ads but then my website would be full of ads and there would be 5+ ads per blog post. To me, I rather build trust with my readers then spam their faces with ads so in January I tried ad's out on my website minimally and they made a little money but I probably won't be looking to use them long term. $11.42 is a great way to get ads on your website because your website can be brand new, and you can get ad's right away if you want them. However, I don't think that ads are a great way to make money for any blogger. To me, ads are often a waste of time because they are so dependent on other things: on advertisements, on companies, on traffic.



What are my blogging goals for 2018:

I have a ton of really great goals for my blog this year. I have taken steps in my personal life so that I can spend more time blogging, and working with you guys. I have noticed a huge jump in my income since making these changes so I am excited to see how much I can do this year in 2018.

Here are a few of my goals in list form. I will spare you the details!

  • Grow my email list by 100,000 people. I think this will be the biggest challenge but I am excited about it. 
  • Increase my income to at least $150,000 this year.
  • Increase my traffic to around 100,000 unique visitors per month. 
  • Have a better work-life balance. (take a vacation without working 8 hours a day)
  • Travel more because blogging is my job and it allows me to.
  • Write more about my personal experiences on my blog.
  • Don't waste my time on things I don't care about (why Tweet if I don't wanna Tweet?)

In May I plan on writing what my goals for the following month are, but because this one is a month late I already know how April turned out! So we will try again in May's Income Report!

I am so excited about doing these now that I can. If you have any questions for me comment them below or email me by using the contact button in the header navigation above!

I hope this is inspiring to you if you want to start a blog I hope this inspires you to do so!  


I am offering 50% off my course until Friday June 1st at 11:59 EST, just for being a blog reader just use coupon code SUMMER at checkout. Because I am thankful for you guys and I want you to grab my mini-course before its gone. We go over tons of great stuff like: Join the course, “30 Days to Blog Success” by clicking here

If you want to make a blog, of any niche it is possible to make money blogging. Creating Taylor is a lifestyle blog where I talk about things I like.

If you want to join my free how to start a blog email course here is what w go over in it:

  • Day 1: How to start a blog for beginners. 
  • Day 2: How to install your first theme and create a free logo.
  • Day 3: Planning out your content.
  • Day 4: Monetizing your website as a beginner.
  • Day 5: Increasing your website's traffic to make more money.
  • Day 6: Planning out your long-term goals.
  • Day 7: Wrap up & Guide to follow for the future to maximize profit.