How to Afford to Go to Disney on A Tight Budget


Disney World and Disneyland are a two of my favorite places. I am a twenty-something who hasn't yet lost the magical feeling that comes with walking into the parks.

I am baby-less, but I still love going to the parks as an adult. This summer my husband and I are going to the magical place where Mickey Mouse lives and I am beyond excited.

While planning our super amazing and budget-friendly vacation, I thought I should share how I do it. 

When we go on vacation and tell family or friends how much we spent, they are always shocked at the total because they feel like we are lying. 

However, I am just stingy so I make sure I am getting the best deal so they aren't lies I really get deals this good, and so can you!

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Disney knows that summer vacation, spring break, and the holidays are busy days in their parks. Seemingly they are looking to capitalize on these busy times, and now they are going to rank ticket prices by what they expect the busy times are in the parks.

Disney World's Pricing: Peak $124, Regular $110, Value $105.

Disneyland's Pricing: Peak $119, Regular 105, Value $95.

Disney World's pricing calendar can be found here.

Disneyland's pricing calendar can be found here.

Multi-day tickets aren’t much cheap. A three-day pass one park per day ticket at Disney World runs $290 for ages 10 and up. If you want the option to visit more than one park per day, you’ll pay $345.

So yes it will save you a few dollars to get the multi-day tickets, however going to multiple parks in one day will not save you money. 

So to save money on tickets:

  1. Go in the value times.
  2. Go to one park per day just plan accordingly or / go to multiple parks in fewer days.


Disney will never be cheap, unfortunately. However, other then just doing the things I mentioned before there are more ways to save money on tickets and those are:


Resist the urge to buy the tickets from Disney's website before you shop around check these placces first if you are members.

Are you in the military? Get tickets on base to save extra $$$.


Disney is amazing, staying at Disney is amazing. 

However, it is not the budget way to do disney. The budget way to disney is this:

  1. Sign-Up for Ebates here to get cash back on your hotel stay, because if you aren't getting cash back you are spending more money than you need to be. Plus you will get $10 in cash back for using my link.
  2. Go to Priceline and search Disneyland, or Disney World
  3. Go to Express Deals
  4. Choose a higher star 3+, higher than 7+ rated hotel, with free parking, with free breakfast and a pool. 

These things will save you a ton of money, you will not get to know the name of the hotel before you book it but if it is 3+ stars, and 7+ rating it will be great most of the time, plus almost every hotel that is 3+ stars near Disneyland or Disney World will have free transportation to and from the parks. 

This will save you money, and it will probably be a nicer hotel to be honest.


When I say bring a lunch, if you are like me I actually mean bring way more food than that.My family has coined this term where we call ourself "all dayers" because from the moment the park opens, until the moment the park closes we will be there.

For every moment I spend in the park the cost per minute goes down.

But as all dayers, if we wanted we could probably spend over $50 a person per day on breakfast, lunch and dinner in the park. 

Now that Disney allows guests to bring in their own food, you can save one arm and two legs if you bring your own food and snacks into the parks. Get a cooler backpack from Walmart they are amazing for this, and strap one on each person going with you.

Everyone can carry their own food, they can also hold the sun screen, and sun glasses you will need in the park.

Here is a link to one of my favorite cooler backpacks which you can get like 10% cash back when you buy it online, but you can also buy them in stores at Walmart for around $11 each.

That is a little pricy but you can use them for every trip you take in Florida, or California or all summer wherever you may live!

They are great, my husband and I use them when we go on hikes.

SIDE NOTE: Fans and Disney employees alike will try to sell you on meal plans, bringing cinnamon rolls, PB & J, chips, Goldfish, a ham sandwich, more chips, and water for each person in your family will be way cheaper than a meal plan for everyone in your family. 


and you may want to avoid them even for air conditioning if you have cute tiny people with you, that are going to want every souvenir they see.

I am a sucker for the cute tiny people in my life, and every time they ask me for things I cave (how am I going to be a good mom? send help).

Don't go into the souvenir shops, you can buy everything in there for cheaper online, or at one of the souvenir shops near by. Disney has the top price for their items, please do not buy things in the shops.


As the biggest kid you may ever meet, my answer will always be yes. Disney is an action packed vacation there is so much to see and do that you just cannot see or do else wear.

There is great food at Disney, but it is not the best food you will ever eat, and it is certainly not worth the price.

There is great lodging at Disney, but it is not worth the price. It is not worth spending three legs and twelve arms more than even better lodging outside the park. 

Disney will be an amazing family vacation on a budget, I truly believe that.

Remember these few tips:

  • Don't stay on Disney.
  • Use Ebates, and Pricelines Express Deal's together.
  • Pack your lunch.
  • One park per day.
  • No in the park souvenirs.

Have a great time on your vacation!

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