How to Afford an Amazing Summer Vacation This Year

How to Afford a Luxury Vacation This Summer

How to Afford a 20k vacation on a 1k budget

There is nothing better than getting home from the perfect beach vacation with a suitcase full of fun things you bought while you were there, the perfect tan, and memories that will last your kids and yourself a lifetime.

Growing up thinking of your future these are the type of vacations you would dream of.

But how the heck are you suppose to afford a vacation like that when you have an average family income?

That is what this post will teach you: How to afford an amazing summer vacation.

Creating a Side Hustle

For me and a lot of people, you can't travel not because of not having enough time but because I didn't have enough money. Side hustles are a great way to be able to fund your travel. Creating a side hustle is the reason I started my blog.

well, I started with my blog for a few reasons but one of the main reasons was to create a side income to fund my travel.

Even though now it has become my full-time job which is even better.

I always reccomend a blog to women looking to create a side hustle to fund their travel. I reccomend starting a blog because it allows you to work from anywhere, you can choose how much or little you work, and you can talk about whatever you want to.

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Budget like a mad-man

Perhaps you aren't interested in creating a side hustle to fund your summer travel plans. Budgeting like a mad-man is a great way to be able to afford to travel.

When I say budget like a mad-man here is what I mean.

  1. Use a very specific cash budget for all food. You can't spend more cash than you have and you aren't allowed to get any more out of the ATM.

  2. Put gas purchases on a credit card with rewards and pay it off ALL EVERY MONTH.

  3. Save a specific percentage of every dollar you make and put it into separate savings account you cannot touch.

  4. ZERO spending on extra stuff until you are on vacation. Just window shopping until your trip.

  5. Save every extra dollar.

Use a discount site.

Budgeting like a madman is hard. Even when your dream vacation is on the line. So if you are anything like me and struggle with that I highly reccomend using a discount site when trying to go on a vacation.

When I book my vacations and I want luxury on a poor man's budget here is what I do.

Hotel: book a Priceline Express Deal

For instance say I am going to Austin TX, here is what I would do.

  1. Put in where you want to go, and when you want to go.

  2. Click express deal.

  3. Filter by the star, higher stars mean the more features the hotel has.

  4. Look at these things: the rating (the one below is 8+) what does it have? (this one has a swimming pool, and pets allowed) Where is it? ( Austin South - Airport) How much are you saving? (28%) How many reviews? (1500+)

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.09.46 PM.png

Then the mission is to figure out what the hotel is before you pay for it.

So you would do this:

  1. Go back to the regular browse hotels.

  2. Filter by Stars (4+)

  3. Filter by area of Town. (Austin South - Airport)

  4. Filter by features (Swimming Pool, Pets Allowed)

  5. Look for the correct guest rating (8+)

  6. Look at the number of reviews (1500+)

Then hopefully you will have matched your express deal with the hotel it actually is so you can go through the photos then you can go back and book the express deal.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.14.50 PM.png

For Flights: Kayak Hacker Fare

Flights are normally so expensive. I use to think that was just the way it was. I for so long didn't realize you could save a ton on flights.

If you are willing to fly by two different airline companies you can often save a good chunk of money. Here is an example of how much it would cost to fly to Austin, TX from Omaha, NE if you were not going to use hacker fares.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.21.13 PM.png

But if you are willing to fly with a hacker fare here is an example of how much it would be to fly on those same days, between the two airports.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.23.39 PM.png

You could be saving $44 per person just by flying with a hacker fare!

Travel on non-weekend days at non-peak times

Most people with 9-5 jobs don't work on weekends. Which means that those are the busiest times to travel. The busier the time to travel, the more expensive it is.

If you want to get a better vacation on a tighter budget thinks about flying on a Tuesday, or Wednesday. Traditionally these days are cheaper to fly.

This means you can save even more money on your vacation by taking off on a Tuesday and coming back on another weekday. 

Book one-way flights.

Another great way to save money is similar to booking your own hacker fare. Book two one way flights instead of one round trip. This is a great way to be able to afford to upgrade to first class.

Because a lot of times when you book a one-way flight you can get a good deal on first class.

It is also a great way to save on regular flights.

So next time you go to book a flight, look to see if it would be cheaper if you booked two one way tickets. 


Alright, girl, you got this!

What can you do to afford the perfect vacation for your family this summer?

  1. Create a side hustle that pays!

  2. Budget like a madman.

  3. Get those discounts girl.

  4. Travel on non-weekends, and non-peak times.

  5. Book one-way flights (but don't stay forever)

You totally got this, your gonna create a summer full of vacations your family and kids are going to remember forever

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