How I Made $300 My First Month Blogging


Thats right.. I made money my first month blogging. It took all my fear out of my blog failing. You can earn money blogging too! It is easier than I ever imagined and more rewarding than any job. I hope my success in the first month motivates you to create a blog.

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hey, it’s worth it to start a blog if you even just earn $300 one time!

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Before I started Smart and Simplistic I did my research and I got every helpful workbook, e-book, and course. I wanted to launch my blog and make it a success from the start. I always saw on Pinterest that It took people months, or years before their blog starting making them any money. I did not wan’t that. I knew I had the knowledge and determination to turn my blog into a business from the start. My first month blogging I made a little over $300 which may not seem like much to some, but it was the start to something great.

Here Is How I Made Money My First Month Blogging:

  1. Good Solid Content

By good solid content I mean content like my How To Start A Blog or How To Increase Your Blog Traffic posts. These posts contain information that a reader can actually take away. They learn something. I have realized people are much more  interested in content that teaches them something other than just content that gives them something to read. I spent so much time before I started Smart and Simplistic researching. The information I learned along the way has made it easier for me to create solid content and attract readers. I recommend writing about something you have a lot of knowledge on if you want to make money from the start it makes the process much easier.

2. A Few Affiliates

Before I monetized my own blog I read income report after income report. You can find all the income reports I get my inspiration from here on my income report Pinterest board. I used these income reports and researched tons of Affiliates like ShareASale, Amazon Affiliates, Themisle, hosting companies, and more. This research lead me to learn affiliate marketing is touchy.  A few good affiliates is better than trying to whore yourself out to them all to make more money. If your readers come to your blog time after time it is because they like you. You want to earn that trust. That trust = money. You know what doesn’t = money? A constant sales pitch. While reading income reports I realized that bloggers who work with a few core affiliates make more money than those who spread themselves thin and work with 5-10. I also noticed that bloggers who post about 5-10 affiliates regularly have a higher bounce rate and less return users than those bloggers who only work with a few. I applied this to my blog I only signed up for two affiliates that I thought would work with my blog that being my hosting company, and Amazon Affiliates. This is where I made all but $15 dollars this month.

3. A Few Ads

Now this month I did not make much from advertising but that is okay. I do not plan to make ads my main source of income. I am going to offer services, and write about what I am doing here on this blog. I do not want ads to take away from that so I only have two. Whatever those bring in they bring in. I will eventually even remove them. If your blog is full of advertisements it takes away from what you are saying and your products or content. You are getting paid because people are leaving your blog to go somewhere else. I don’t want that

4. Opt-In Freebies

I found that offering an opt-in freebie gets people to join your email list. The people who join your email list will return to your website time after time. Every time I sent out a newsletter people would click through and come back to my blog. That builds trust. those are the same people who bought things through my Amazon links or signed up for hosting through Bluehost.

However, you want to give away a freebie that is actually helpful and on topic. You do not want to giveaway just useless bull poop. You want to help your readers so that they want to keep coming back.

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5. Learning

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Closing Statements

Alright guys, here is the end of another post! I hope that this is super helpful.

Like I said If you want to earn money online like I do here. Here is my easy 5 step tutorial on how to start a blog for as little as $3.95 a month including your website name! Go create your website now! You won’t regret it.

 Here is how I made money my first month blogging. I worked my behind off last month. I thought I would share what I did because there are many people out there who want to make money blogging.