My 5 Minute Foundation Routine - How to Do a Full Face in 5 Minutes

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My foundation routine

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I am one of those girls who loves makeup and constantly wants to buy and try new stuff. Every-time I would run out of foundation or it would expire I would buy something new. Last year I probably tried 12 different foundations.

Until the day I met

The It Cosmetics CC+ Cream.

It is my HOLY GRAIL! for the past year, I have used it almost exclusively (I still love to try other makeup but I always come back) and it is the best.

It is the perfect coverage, and finish its like matte but not, and not glowy it's just natural and perfect.

So now that I have discovered the holy grail of foundations I am inspired to share my foundation routine with you guys.

1 / I am normally applying my foundation in the morning so before I get started I wash my face. I feel like the cleanser I am using is not that great so I am not going to share it since I don't recommend. If you have a cleanser for dry / combination and acne prone skin leave it in the comments because I am dying for one.

2 / I prime my face. Lately, I am using this one from NYX it is the "Shine Killer"  it works well. I thought it would be good for summer since we will be traveling to a lot of super sunny and humid places so far it has been good.

3 / I wet my sponge, I use the real techniques sponge and have for years. It is amazing and I love the way it applies. I haven't found a brush I like as much as this sponge.  Here's a link if you want to try it for yourself.

4 / I apply my foundation. Like I said I use the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream in the color light, even when I am "tan" which goes to show that even when I am "tan" I an not really tan. I use about 1.5 pumps for full coverage on my whole face! I live and die by this foundation. If you have never tried it I highly recommend giving it a try. Here is a link to it, and let me just say its great one more time.

The It Cosmetics CC+ Cream is 50+ SPF, it comes in 7 colors but I don't know how it does it seemingly matches me no matter how tan, not tan, sunburnt, I am. So don't be afraid to take a chance on it. I promise I didn't get it for free, and it wasn't sent to me I just love it this much.

again you can check it out here

5 / I set my foundation with powder, and because this foundation is so kicking butt the powder doesn't matter so much. Because seemingly any powder I have used the foundation still looks good as long as the powder isn't too thick because then I start to look a little like birthday cake. For this I use this fluffy powder brush, and the Make Up Forever HD Micro Finishing poweder

6 / Finishing Spray, once my makeup is on and set on my face I set it one more time with finishing spray. I think this helps my skin feel better and look better. It makes my makeup blend more naturally and look more naturally. I have been using this NYX Matte Setting Spray despite the fact that my foundation isn't perfectly matte, I think they complement each-other and keep me from looking oily all day.

Thats it! all in all this routine takes me about 5 minutes, and leaves me with:

  • Full natural coverage.

  • All day staying power.

  • Shine free skin all day long.

  • 50+ SPF sun protection.

I highly recommend the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream, if you have never tried it you can even buy it in trial sized tubes on Amazon if you want to try it before buying the full sized. Here is a link to the trial sized!


I forgot to mention that I use Urban Decay Naked Skin in the second lightest shade under my eyes before I put on my foundation!

If you guys want a video if my makeup routine leave it in the comments below!

What's your favorite foundation?

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