How to Get Your Blog Ready for Summer 2018

 How to Get Your Blog Ready for The Busy Season #bloggingtips #blogtips #bloggingadvice #makemoney #makemoneyblogging

Spring and summer are some of the busiest time for bloggers, and if you haven't been keeping up with your blog over the dead season (or even if you have) it is time to get your blog looking, and working its best for the spring and summer.

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Being a blogger can be a little overwhelming when you have no idea what you should be doing. When I started my lifestyle blog Creating Taylor I always felt twelve steps behind because all of the other bloggers seemed to know excatly what to do and how to do it. 

This post is going to walk you through step by step how to get your blog ready for spring and summer, so you can be one of the top bloggers out there just in time for peak blogging season!

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1. Clean Out Your Old Posts

If you have been blogging for a few years, or even a few months chances are you have accumulated quite a few blog posts.

However, how often do you go back and see if they are still relevant? 

I always reccomend keeping just the posts that are:

  • Still getting a lot of traffic.
  • Socially relevant (the links still work, the things you are talking about still apply, or the promotion is still running)
  • Has to do with your niche, over the winter did you publish some super fun chili recipes but your blog is about fashion? I would take those down, revamp them and publish them again next year during the cold season.
  • Is with the season, I would remove posts that have to do with Christmas, and new years anything that is seasonal. That way you can revamp them and post them again next year updated to get all new and good traffic. 

Delete or mark the rest as private!

Once you have decided what posts to keep, check back with some of the popular posts you have decided to keep and make sure that the Grammar is all correct.

My favorite way to make sure my grammar and spelling is on point is by using Grammarly, I first heard about it in a college class where we had to use it when writing business plans, and oh boy has it changed my blogging career.

If you have never heard of it it's like spell check for grammar, but it also spell checks your work, tells you how to make your posts sound better and so much more. Here is a link, I highly reccomend checking it out!


2. Get Your Blog Finances In Check!

If you are making money blogging, (even like $0.12 a month!) or getting free stuff, you have to keep track of it all.

Or if you are spending money blogging, on things like Tailwind (the best Pinterest / Instagram scheduler ever) or ConvertKit (the best email service for bloggers ever) then those are expenses you need to track for your taxes.

If you are making money, or getting stuff, or spending money! 

I always use QuickBooks Self Employed, it is super easy it just loads all your bank transactions (incoming and outgoing)

Then you just mark which ones are business, and which are personal.

Then it tells you how much to save for taxes, and when you will have to pay it, and who to pay it too. 

If you want to check it out I highly reccomend it, I got it for FREE just by doing my taxes online with TurboTax. You can get it or learn more here.

3. Organizing Your Structure 

The structure of your blog is everything, it is your brand, it is how search engines rank your website IT IS EVERYTHING.

Do you have old content, content about stuff other than your niche but you just love? ME TOO. 

However, you want Google and all the other search engines like PINTEREST (yeah its a search engine) to know what they heck your blog has got going on.

So that means you need to organize your structure.

Make sure all the visible descriptions of your blog posts are similar in length, structure and keyword density. 

EXAMPLE: you may want to start every description with the blog post title, the two main points, then close with ...

After you have your descriptions all similar, you are going want to make sure your navigation really lines up with where your blog is at.

Sure you still want about, and contact but are your catigories all in line with the content you post or is their maybe one or two items that have only a few blog posts in them?

Remove those guys, or make plans to write more content to fill them out.

4. Link Your Posts Together 

When you first start blogging you only have a few posts, and some of them may be amazing and the ones you choose to keep on your website do this day. 

However, did you ever go back and update them with links to other content? 


You don't want a reader to stop by for Pinterest, or Instagram and be like dang this is amazing then close the tab and disappear. 

No, you want them to read your amazing post, and be referred to your other amazing posts by that first post that they are seeing. 

So if you are writing about cheap spring outfits you can get now at Khols, and you have a post about cheap spring outfits you can get from Amazon you are going to want to link it in your post about Khols!

This will decrease your bounce rate, which will increase the number of people search engines send to your website. 

It will also help search engines understand what content is similar so they can refer people to it. 

So yeah, If you haven't already make sure all of your content has links to other related content.


When you were going through those posts did you stumble into a few that you just loved to pieces but maybe aren't getting the shares you and I both know they deserve?


I have tons of old content that are great on Creating Taylor however when I first started the blog I sucked at creating Pinterest Pins. 

I didn't have a clear brand image, and I surely did not know anything about grabbing peoples attention (thank goodness, I have since learned and turned blogging into my full-time gig!)

But, maybe the same goes for you. 

Try and create 1-5 new Pinterest Pin images for each of those old posts you want to bring back to life, and fill the descriptions with relevant keywords and hashtags. 

Then go ahead and pin them to all of your relevant boards (over a few days, weeks, or even a month or so!) I highly reccomend using Tailwind to spread out those pins so they can be seen by even more people!

If you are loving this post, and want more of my personal blogging advice (or to know how much money I make blogging here are some of my favorites)

6. Ensure Your Branding Is Cohesive Everywhere

"You are your brand" I remember someone saying that to me when I first started and I was like "lol what?"

Well after blogging for a while, taking 101 courses, writing books and courses myself, and becoming obsessed with branding.

I finally get it!

So now I can tell you all about it:

You are your brand.

That's it...

Okay, I'm kidding but that is such an important statement. It means that anywhere your readers can see you and your content, you are speaking for your brand. 

Ever wonder why bloggers have kick butt Instagram themes, and all their pins look amazing all the time? and all the colors match, and it even matches their blog?

Its because they are their brand!

If your brand isn't surefire just yet, I reccomend using this spring to make it sure fire! Pick out a few colors to wear in your Instagrams, pick backgrounds to use regularly,  

Use the same colors for every Pinterest graphic, and make sure those colors match the colors of your blog!

The colors, fonts, and images you post should be similar or the same everywhere!

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7. Stop The Slow Down's 

  • Do you have plugin's you don't use? 
  • Unapproved comments?
  • Pointless photos in your posts?
  • Themes installed that you aren't using?
  • Spam comments you just let sit around?

MAKE ALL THAT STUFF GO AWAY, all of that stuff is stuff that slows down your website and doesn't help your branding either. 

Make sure you delete not deactivate all the pesky Plug-ins you aren't using.

Delete all those old spam comments you got, 

And delete all those old themes you tried and hated!

These things will speed up your website, and make your new readers appreciate how fast your website is.



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Now your blog is ready to be the cutest, and most professional blog out there. 

I bet you won't stop getting emails for sponsored posts, and events all summer long!

I hope this post taught you tons! As always, thanks for stopping by!