How To Put Blogging On Your Resume

Putting Blogging on Your Resume

 Putting blogging on your resume might actually land you a great job. Recently I had to update my resume for a networking event and it brought a lot of great attention to me and my blog so I thought I would explain all of the things I learned with you guys so you can land a cool job.

I am a college student by day, business owner and blogger by night. I recently took a class all about growing our personal brand and how to network effectively. During the class we had to turn in a resume with all of our work experience this far. My blog is my full time job but I had no idea how to put blogging on a resume in a way that made it look like a profession not a side passion.

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But since, blogging was my full time job I still had to put it on my resume but.. 

I had no idea how I was going to put it on my resume. I wasn't just going to leave it off because first of all I didn't want it to look like I haven't been doing anything for the past year, and second of all I am proud of it. 

So let me tell you about how to put blogging on your resume:

Should you put blogging on your resume or not:

Now there are some reasons that you may not want your blog on your resume. I am sure I will not think of all of them but here are reasons I would leave it off:

  • You blog about something you wouldn't want other professionals to see.

  • You blog about your personal life solely.

  • You have pictures of yourself you wouldn't want co-workers to see.

  • basically no one should see it.

Reasons that you should put your blog on your resume:

  • You have put a lot of hard work into it.

  • You show examples of what you could do for a company on your blog. (ie: design work, or related content)

  • You have been making a solid income from it for a while.

  • You have been doing that instead of a typical job for a while.

  • You have being doing it consistently(shows dedication, and reliability)

If you don't excatly know if you should put your blog on your resume or leave it off here are a few things to think about:

Would writing skills, design skills, SEO skills, content creation, marketing skills, basic accounting, or dedication be useful to the job or reason I am updating my resume?

Where to start putting your blog on your resume:

The place to start when deciding how to put your blog on resume is by deciding if it should be on top ie: the newest and most relevant  job in your life, or if you should make a new section for it. This post is going to be focused for people that blogging is your most recent and relevant job meaning that it will go on the top of your resume. 

However, if you are looking to just add it to the skills section how to do that will be below as well. 

Once you have decided where to put your blog on your resume it is time to decide...

How to Write About Your Blog on Your Resume:

The header: 

The best place to start is with the header. It is important to be the same with all of your jobs and experiences. I decided to title this section because I am the sole person running Smart and Simplistic / (this was previous to name change/ rebranding). I also have previous experience being a Manager so I thought this title would fit both this job and my previous one.

Here is how to head the section pertaining to your blog:


  • The reason that I have the line going across is to make every section easy to see and read.

  • I also include where I lived during that time because it was for an event in that area.

  • I make sure to include the name of the website in bold because that is the important part.

  • I put my job title as Owner/Content Creator because I own the rights to the websites, and I create all the content on there.

  • The dates are just how long I have been blogging, you would put how long you have had your blog.

The Bullet Points or Bullet Statements:

The bullet points are where you show your strengths from blogging, this is the make it or break it section. In this section you explain how your blog made you right for whatever job you are applying for.

When I took my class about resumes they taught us a terrific pattern for writing bullet points. It goes like this:

What (did you do), How (did you do it), Why (did you do it)

Here are my bullet points: 

The reason that this format works is because it explains excatly what you do and why, it makes it easy for future employers to see what you have been doing and if that is a good fit for them.

For creating this section I would think about all you did to:

  1. create your blog in the beginning.

  2. handled with marketing.

  3. handled financially

  4. created for your branding (logos, pictures)

  5. social media growth

  6. marketing

  7. advertising

  8. product creation

This is a good place to start however everyones blog is personal so it really depends on what you have been doing, and what kind of content you create. I am a business blogger, so my examples mostly come from marketing, finance, and growth. However, if you are a food blogger what you should be putting on your resume would be very different. 

Adding Your Skills

Your skills are where you show a brief overview of what is important to you and the job you are applying for that you have learned / gotten through all your jobs including your blog. You can add things you have learned from your blog into your skills section even if you don't have a dedicated blogging section on your resume.

I recommend you do that if the job you are applying for is in the creative field. Here are my skills:

resume skills section

The skills that I have gotten from blogging are:

Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Hootsuite, Tailwind, Bluehost, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro.

I imagine this section varies by what type of blog you have as well but its good to think about:

  1. what programs you use for blogging.

  2. What programs you use to manage social media.

  3. What programs you use to edit images.

  4. What programs you use to create opt-ins for your email list.

  5. Basically all the programs you may be using.

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There you have it. Those are my tips for adding blogging to your resume. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below!

Thanks so much,

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