The Best Hotel In Lincoln Nebraska When Traveling for Business

Traveling to Lincoln Nebraska

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I have been traveling for work ever since I started this website. My first thought when starting a business as a blogger and a business consultant was that I would get to do it from the comfort of my own home. While I do get to do that 90% of the time sometimes I get great opportunities to interview a company,  be a guest speaker for an event, or be part of a business conference. Those are not things that I often get to do from my couch. 

Traveling as a small business owner, or blogger can be hard because the company needs you to be on call at all times. This means: having a GOOD internet connection, comfortable seating, and enough space to work as a team not all hotels and airlines have that. 

80% of my audience is small business owners, bloggers, and people traveling for work so I have taken it upon myself to figure out what the best hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and cruises are when traveling for work so you can make the most of it.

When deciding on a hotel I wanted to make sure it had a few things:

  • A Restaurant
  • A Great Location
  • A Decent Price
  • Good Reviews
  • Nice Decor 

The Graduate

After traveling around Lincoln a lot I can 100% say with confidence that this is the place you want to stay for business. The best thing about staying at The Graduate for work is the fact that they an amazing location. On top of that, they even have great night life, and restaurants in the area, which makes it easy to get around when you are traveling without a car (and aren't an Uber aficionado). Another great thing about The Graduate is that if you happen to be in town in the fall, around football season the hotel is within walking distance to the Nebraska Huskers football stadium, and all kinds of football related events.

The Bed


They say no bed is as good as your own bed. Well, The Graduate really puts that to the test. The bed in their king suite was so amazing I found myself trying to find one online so I could order it for my house! this is super important when traveling for work because no one likes to stand and give a talk with an aching back!

I never did figure out what kind of bed it was, however if anyone knows let me know. I am still interested.




Getting to your room by yourself with two handfuls of stuff can be hard. However there was an amazing staff member that greeted me to help me carry my items, and the elevator was very accessible, which is great for traveling back and forth between different places in the hotel.

It is also super easy to park your car in their onsite garage. You pull in the gate opens, you park you get out of you car walk through the doors and there is the hotel lobby.

On top of the easy to access to the elevator and the onsite garage it is amazing that you can walk out the front door and be in the center of downtown. Minutes to bars, every type of resteraunt, the University of Nebraska campus is within walking distance.

The Restaraunt / Bar


When traveling for work, I find myself tired a lot of the time. This means trying to get a bite to eat by room service or at the hotel restaurant. The restaurant in The Graduate was 5 stars! 

It is called JJ's for short and they feature what they would call Tiki food. I got the Grilled Salmon, and it was amazing. however they have all kinds of amazing meats and super cool side dishes. I found that they have a little bit of everything.  So even if you are on a diet, or a picky eater I would not rule out JJ's. 

The bar was even better! I took a guest speaker at my event, and we both enjoyed it. All the guests were kind, and the staff was delightful. They had everything I could                                                                                                                                       have asked for.


This makes it or breaks it for me as a business owner because I need to be able to contact people during business hours which is also most of the time when I am traveling. The wifi in The Graduate never went out once not in the lobby, my room, or by the pool plus it was amazingly fast which is important for video calls back to the office.

In addition the Wifi was free with my stay (and I believe all stays) so it made it easy to get online, and get to answering emails, and talking to clients. 

The Amenities


When traveling for work you might not have the most time to visit the pool, however, the pool was terrific and relaxing. I find myself loving indoor pools especially when they have huge windows like The Graduate. Now you won't be able to catch a tan by this pool but it is relaxing enough to consider it a nice addition to the hotel.

One downside to this hotel is that they do not feature a spa, which can be a little upsetting if you like to treat yourself after a long day of speaking, or meetings. However for your average stay this pool was more than enough. 

The pool did get a little busy with familes and children the one weekend day that I was there. So don't go in expecting to get it to yourself.

The in-room office space


Office space in the room is so valuable when traveling. Just because I am in a hotel room doesn't mean I don't have to spend 8+ hours working.

This means I want a decent amount of desk space and a comfortable chair. This hotel had both of those things. There was a plug at the desk which made it easy to keep my computer charged. 

The chair was comfortable enough to sit there as long as I needed to finish all of the tasks I had while I was there. You may have to push a few decor items to the side to really get to work, but it wasn't an issue.

It was nice that this desk had storage so I felt like I could stay organized even when being away from my own desk.

The Staff

The staff of a hotel is everything. When staying for an extended period you want extra towels, and room service with a smile! I can tell you they were just perfect. Whenever I needed anything or had a question, they were prompt and kind. That is all you can ask.

My Favorite Things

The reasons that I am going to rebook at this hotel every time I end up in downtown Lincoln is because: 

  • The Location: This is the very best location in the city of Lincoln, it is right in the center of Downtown, it is within walking distance to everything you would ever need: stores, restaurants, bars, movie theaters,  a train station, and coffee shops.
  • The Price: The price of this hotel is very affordable, when traveling for business. However that does mean it doesn't have a few things like a spa. But you make up for its lack of a spa with the affordability. It ranges from ($100-$200 for a standard room depending on the day of the week, and the happenings in town) 
  • The Comfort: The bed in this hotel room was enough to keep me coming back honestly. It had that new bed feeling and comfort. 
  • The Staff: Everyone I spoke to was more than nice, there was not one time that I felt like I was silly for asking a question, or putting someone out of there way to help me.
  • The Pool: In many cities you do not find indoor pools in downtown hotels. I liked that I could get the downtown features and some of the feels of a family hotel.

There is no reason not to stay here. I highly recommend staying at The Graduate Lincoln when you are traveling to Lincoln for Business.

The Graduate is currently running a special if you are staying for business. If you use the code: BIZTRIP at checkout! 

You can click this link to book The Graduate for your stay in Lincoln, Nebraska

If you or someone you know is traveling to Lincoln, Nebraska for business any time soon I highly recommend that they stay at The Graduate, Lincoln. It was a truly amazing stay. The best I have ever had in Lincoln.

Disclaimer: None of the links in this post are affiliate. I am not being paid for my opinions, or to write this post. All opinions are my own. I did not pay for my stay. All photos are property of The Graduate Lincoln