Meet Me: The 21 Year Old Entrepreneur

Hey, I’m Taylor Stanford I was the wacky kid who grew into the wacky adult.

I was born in Florida and never grew up rich, but that didn’t stop me from trying.

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At the age of 9 in 2006 I was trying to use MySpace to get on the Disney Channel because I had heard people talking about MySpace on MTV. I also started watching YouTube videos as a way to try and figure out what I wanted to do for a career, and for entertainment.


Where I grew up garage sales were the norm. I quickly realized the value of selling junk you didn’t want or use anymore, by the time I was 10 2007 I was telling my friends I would happily clean and organize their rooms if they would let me sell their stuff. So that's just what I did I would clean out my friend’s rooms and have a garage sale in my grandparent's driveway.


In 2008 I started seeing reviews on YouTube for this thing called an OraBrush which was a tongue brush. It got me thinking that If I got a camera I could make videos and get a free OraBrush. So that's just what I did. For Christmas, I begged my parents for a camera, and like nice parents they got me a camera. Right away I started googling things like, “how to make a video,” “how to edit a video for free”, “how to post a video to YouTube”, and eventually I figured it out.

Once I figured out how to edit and post a video I got to figure out how to contact companies. I started googling “how to contact a company” “how to find a companies email” “who to contact at a company for a partnership,” and eventually finally “orabrush PR contact” and to my surprise they emailed me back and told me they would happily send me an OraBrush for a YouTube review. What does an 11-year-old want with a tongue brush anyway?


I always sucked at school, which probably has something to do with being dyslexic. So after some convincing in 2009, I convinced my parents to let me do online school.

That was a bad decision on their part but really worked out for me.

I continued to create videos and work with brands on top of that I became obsessed with DailyBooth, Facebook, and Twitter. During that time I started to see blogs take off and decided to start my own blog. After a few months, I was making $1000 per month.... until the ad company realized I was 12.

Around the time the ad company realized I was 12 my parents realized I had stopped doing school and was only focusing on my online side hustles.

So they sent me back to public school. Which put my internet side hustles on hold for a while. I still blogged and used Pinterest but for free in my free time cause I liked it.


In the time from 2012-2014, I got a real job working retail. It taught me that if you work harder than everyone else you will move up faster than everyone else, and get more say than your peers.

In 2014 I met a boy who lived in Nebraska, and at 18 in 2015 I decided to marry him and move across the country from Florida to Nebraska for “college” with roughly $100 in my pocket and a plane ticket.

2015-Today 2018

Well I quickly realized I needed to get a job so I found a job working at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the dining hall and that really sucked.

So I decided to use what I had been doing my whole life and use blogging, and social media to find my way out. So after trying to convince my husband I would know what to do if I started a self-hosted website for a few months he reluctantly gave me his credit card and said: “fine, if you think you can do it just do it but you better be successful.”

So I jumped right in and started In my first month, I made $300 talking about college and being married young. 4 months later I had saved 6 months of all our expenses and quit my job. 8 months later my husband left his job.

In 2017 I started Too Influenced Media a media agency that creates first-class media for companies so they can gain attention in the ways that work today.

I’m Starting a PODCAST!

This blog post goes along with the first episode of the Success Standards Podcast. The goal of the podcast is to teach entrepreneurs, small business owners, and regular people how they can be capturing attention in todays world to get more clients, customers or contacts, and grow your business.

It will come out twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes it will just be me explaining the strategies I have used to grow and and the strategies we currently use over at Too Influenced Media to grow that company. Sometimes it will be me interviewing guests and getting their stories on how they grew their businesses or grew within another persons business.

There are currently 3 episodes of the podcast live so first listen to this episode:

Then click here to listen to the other two!

They are about how:

002: How to reach your target audience online.

003: How to create quality media for your target audience.

If you enjoy them leave a review and subscribe so you get next weeks episode, plus get excited because I am going to have a really great guest!


Hey, There I’m Taylor

 I am a marketing geek who got her start in blogging, and by using the internet to build a blog into a business. Now I want to help you do it too.

I am a marketing geek who got her start in blogging, and by using the internet to build a blog into a business. Now I want to help you do it too.


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