5 Places to Travel for Cheap Summer 2019

5 Places to Travel for Cheap This Summer

5 Cheap Places to Travel for Summer 2019

I have always been a travel bug. I love road trips and staying in strange hotels more than I love just about everything else.

Everything about traveling is great even every once in a while getting stuck in traffic isn’t half bad. I love traveling so much but now being a young married college student on a budget has really hindered me from going on as many adventures as I would like to.

So this summer I decided to make a list of 5 places to travel on a budget.


Now I do not mean to my apartment but instead home to see my parents.

Depending on how far you leave for home travel can be a bit expensive. When I want to go home I have to make a 30 hour road trip or take a relatively expensive flight.

But this trip is still less expensive than most because when I get there my parents provide me with a place to stay and they feed me.

The only real expense here is travel which is great.

Plus it is good to go home if you have not in a while. Going home when you no longer live there is a completely different experience. If you have not thought about going home this summer I highly encourage it.

2.A New Beach

Growing up in Florida I started to take the beach for granted. I got sick of looking at the same mound of sand every week.

So I just stopped going. Until the summer before my senior year me and my family traveled to a beach 3 hours from my hometown for the day and it was a whole new experience the sand was different, the water was another shade of blue.

It made me want to go to beaches all over the world. On top of experiencing a new beach I got to try a couple new restaurants which is always fun.

This is the type of trip that can be a day trip over night or even a week. Everything depends on your budget. This is a nice way to get out of the house.

If you have a tighter budget you could even pack a cooler with drinks and food for the day then you just have the cost of gas.

3.A State Park

My parents made state parks my favorite place for an affordable vacation.

State parks are so much more than I thought they were as a kid. Lots of state parks have places to sleep, swim, run, and eat. There are state parks in every state across the country.

In Florida I love places like Fanning State Park and Silver Springs State Park because they have beautiful cabins, and nature.

State parks are also a vacation you can build up depending on your budget. If you are on a tighter budget you can just stay the day or camp the night in a tent, if you are splitting the cost with family or friends you can rent a cabin. You can stay half a day to a month if you wanted.

This is definitely my favorite kind of vacation probably because of all the memories I have in state parks.

4.The Local Amusement Park

The local amusement park can be a cost friendly trip if you don’t live to far away, and if you hunt for ticket deals.

Growing up in Florida I realized that amusement park season tickets make it easy to have a budget friendly trip. If you live in Nebraska or the mid west like I do now this one could be a little more cost heavy.

However it is definitely possible, I like to check places like Groupon for deals or even earn some points towards a ticket on SwagbucksOn Swagbucks you can answer survey questions, watch videos, or even shop to make your vacation more affordable.

5.The Zoo

The zoo is a great vacation because it is just a day trip and you can get food there. Just like for amusement parks you could earn money online from surveys to put towards gift cards for gas or even a hotel depending how far away the zoo is.

Here in Nebraska we have the best zoo in the country so that could probably be why I decided to put it on this list.