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What will this course teach you?

• How to start a blog if you don't already have one.
• How to brand your website yourself with no experience.
• How to monetize your website from the start.
• How to ensure you are blogging legally, and saving yourself money.
• How to create content that will make you money while you sleep.
• How to get traffic to your website.
• How to build an email list that will help you make money.
• How to put your blog on autopilot so you hardly have to work.

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here is my story

If you don't already know I am Taylor Stanford. I am a midwestern girl (shout out to all my other midwestern girls!) who loves to travel with my husband. However, a few years ago we were poor and had terrible jobs so how in the world was I ever going to afford to travel?

I got inspired by bloggers income reports to jump into blogging and make it my job. So I begged my husband for months ($70 seemed like so much money to us back then) and one day he just randomly told me to do it and put it on his credit card but I had to at least make back my investment and pay it off.

Little did he know I had no idea what I was doing. I was determined to make it in blogging. I talked about college, being married young, DIY's and how to be fashionable on a tight budget. I shared stories about moving across the country and knowing literally knowing no one, and tips for college. I worked late nights, early mornings and did a TON of research on blogging, I swear I read every post on blogging, and watched every video on blogging.

Within the first month I made $300 from affiliate marketing and I was shocked that everything I did worked. I shared a story on my blog about how I made $300 my first month blogging and everyone started asking questions, and I started to get emails from people asking for advice.

The second month my income grew to $800.  

So I continued to make posts about different aspects of how I made money blogging, and next thing you know I had created a whole new website talking about blogging tips, branding your website, affiliate marketing, and all the different ways to make money. That website is


So how much money do I make now from blogging about my life?

Here are screen shots from two of my MANY income sources.

The screenshots both show 28 days of income, however this isn't even from my largest income earning month. I wanted to show you what my average used to be when I was just getting started using the techniques from this course, not now which is months later.

& oh boy have things gotten even better than they were then!

The point of me sharing this with you is because I want you to see that the things I talk about in this course really work. Without the techniques I talk about in this course there is no way I would have gotten to this point.

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Incase you were curious I inserted a graph of how my income has risen since creating and implementing the methods I talk about in Blog Wise Academy Kick-Start. 

the point of the graph is to show you that despite the fact I was already making decent money blogging the methods I developed have


Chart of my income

My income since following the techniques from Blog Wise Academy Kick-Start.

Why did I create this course?

Because I want you to feel how good this feels.

When I first reached success I was selfish, I thought if I really gave people everything I knew I would become less successful.
But then I started hearing peoples stories, and genuinely wanting success for them too.
So I began sharing more and more, and now I wish I could scream my advice from the rooftops so that everyone can feel
just how amazing it is to be your own boss, and living your best life doing WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT TO DO.

I can't wait to hear how you have channged your life through blogging.

After I launched my first product I started hearing how it helped moms learn how they could stay at home with their new babies.
I started hearing how people were now going to be able to leave their crappy nine to five to travel.
I heared how people who loved to cook were getting to stay at home and share their love of food with the world.

& now I habve so much more information to offer then I did then.

I created this course because I finally figured out the recipie to blogging success.
Before sure I had great tips to help people get started and make some money,
now I have so much information that can help you make thousands per month blogging from the start.

I created this course to help you make thousands per month blogging from the start.


What is the structure of Blog Wise Academy Kickstart?

The course is taught through a combination of videos, and worksheets with the addition of a few outside resources linked throughout the course modules.

The worksheets are made so you can just type in them no needs to print them out!

How do you take the course?

When you sign up for a course once it has launched for the month you will receive an email with your login, and password. Although you can take the course from your phone, or tablet the course is best suited to take from the computer.

At the the top of each module there will be a video, under the video there will be a section titled "homework" under the homework section the first section will be a link. Once you click the first link the worksheets will open in a new tab for you to save and fill out.

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who is this course for?

A begginner who is determined.

If you just started your blog, or are about to start your blog this course
will be a great way to learn everything you need to know so that you can
start your blog. Plus get your blog designed, made profitable, and increase your traffic, and income.

A long-timer who hasn't figured out how to make good money.

Maybe you have been blogging for a while now but haven't made the money
you think you should be making or deserve.
This course will help you refresh your blog, increase your traffic,
and increase your income to hopefully the level you desire.

ANYONE interested in making good money blogging.

Maybe you are a YouTuber, small business owner, or stay mom.
This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to
start a blog, brand your blog, learn social media, monetize your blog, create quality content,
increase your traffic, and make good money blogging.

If you are anyone mentioned above this course is for you!

Freebies That Come With BlogWise Academy Kick-Start.
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30 Days to Blog Success

A mini course that will walk you step by step through how I created a profitable blog in less than 30 Days. It also includes updated tips so you don't waste time.

Sells Seperatly for: $50


Personalized Group Coaching

In group coaching I will take an answer questions from people who are also taking this course, to help you grow your website even once you finish the course.

Coaching Sells Separately for: $300

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Private Facebook Group

In the private Facebook Group there will be daily challanges, and opportunites to collaborate with me and other people taking this course. This will help your success. 

Valued at: $197

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Monetization Workbook

This monetization workbook will help you find ways to monetzie your website, and keep all of your blog information organized so you don't get lost in the overwhelm.

Sells Separately for: $50

thats a $597 value just in extras!



Module 1


Module One

In module one I talk about:

  • some of the basics of blogging, 
  • let you know how to build your blog step-by-step
  • plus I got you a discount & a free domain name!
  • How to Install onto your website.
  • Then I talk about the importance of Pinterest
  • How to set up a Pinterest Business Account
  • How to Verify your website on Pinterest.



Module 1 Overview.png

Module 2

Module 1 Overview (2).png


In module two I talk about:

  • What branding is for bloggers.
  • Why branding is important for bloggers.
  • What you need to have a successful brand as a blogger.
  • How you can brand your website all by yourself.
  • Then there will be branding worksheets.
  • A guide teaching you how to create a logo.
  • An overview of the best free WordPress themes.

Module 3


Module 3

In module three I talk about:

  • The types of monetization.
  • Which type of monetization is most profitable.
  • How to create a product.
  • How to incorporate affiliate links.
  • How to get sponsorship opportunities.
  • How to get ad's on your blog.
  • Ideas for products and services.
  • Ideas for posts with affiliate links.
  • How to sell a product once you create one.
  • Worksheets to help you monetize your blog.
Module 3 Overview.png

Module 4

Module 4 Overview.png

Module 4

In module four I talk about:

  • How to create Privacy Policies.
  • What are disclosures and why do you need one?
  • How  you get paid, and what you need to get paid.
  • All about taxes as a blogger.
  • Why you need contracts
  • How to make them.
  • Where to get them.
  • And how to use them.

Module 5


Module 5

In module five I talk about:

  • he importance of analytics.
  • How to identify your audience.
  • Why you should identify your audience.
  • How to create quality content.
  • What goes into quality content.
  • Worksheets helping you define your audience.
  • Worksheets teaching you how to create quality content.



Module 4 Overview (1).png

Module 6

Module 4 Overview (2).png

Module 6

In module six I talk about:

  • How to increase your traffic.
  • Why you need to build your traffic.
  • What you need to build your traffic.
  • A Pinterest checklist
  • How to make Pinterest Images.
  • What has to happen everyday to get traffic.




Module 7


Module 7

In module seven I talk about:

  • What is an email list?
  • Who needs an email list.
  • How to build an email list.
  • The point of an email list.
  • An overview of MailerLite.
  • An overview of ConvertKit.
  • What to use Google Docs for.
  • How to Save a Google Doc as a PDF
  • How to have a password protected page on your website.
  • How to upload PDF to your website
Module 4 Overview (3).png

Module 8

Module 4 Overview (4).png


Module 8

In module eight I talk about:

  • What we can automate to make blogging less time consuming.
  • How to automate your social media, and blog posts.
  • How to automate your Pinterest.
  • How automation allows you to make your own schedule. 
  • An overview of Tailwind.
  • An overview of Hootsuite.
  • How to schedule a blog post.


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BlogWise Academy Kick-Start Elite

 • Lifetime Course Updates.                             • Complete BlogWise Academy Kick-Start.    • Access to the Private Facebook Group.        • Group coaching sessions.                             • 30 Days to Blog Success Mini-Course .         • Blog Monetization Workbook.

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BlogWise Academy Kick-Start Pro

 • Lifetime Course Updates.                             • Complete BlogWise Academy Kick-Start.    • Access to the Private Facebook Group.        • Group coaching sessions.                       


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BlogWise Academy Kick-Start 

 • Lifetime Course Updates.                             • Complete BlogWise Academy Kick-Start. 




Frequently asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

  • The course starts for everyone July 1st and will be available to you if you join before July 3rd, 2018. Once you enroll in the course you will have access to it forever so don't think you're running out of time!

How long do I have access to the course?

  • How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

  • We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days with the reason you are unhappy, proof the course has not helped and we will refund you fully!

What If I just started my blog?

  • New bloggers is who this course is for so if you are new to all this blogging stuff but want to make money blogging, then Blog Wise Academy Kick-Start will be perfect for you.

What If I haven't started my blog yet?

  • If you haven't started your blog but plan to soon then this course is perfect for you! In module one we go over how to start a blog the right way step-by-step. You will have lifetime access to this course. So if you are determined to make an income with your future blog I recommend it.

What if I have already been blogging?

  • If you are already blogging and earning money but not as much as you would like this course is perfect for you. You will breeze through this course. Once you purchase this course and it is released on April 1st you will have lifetime access. This course will be the thing that takes your income from a little to a lot.

Can I get this information for free elsewhere?

  • The short answer is no. The long answer is you can find bits of this information scattered all over the world wide web, however, they tell you little bits and not all the information as a whole and how to make it work for you. This course is much different than anything you will find out there. You won't find the whole picture anywhere else.

What is the format of the course?

  • The format of the course is a combination of videos, worksheets, and articles. So there is a little watching, a little reading, and a little writing!

What do I need to take this course?

  • A self-hosted website (or the desire to start one), determination, an internet connection, and some free time.

Will I have to purchase anything to go with this course?

  • I recommend a couple of things during the course that are services you can pay for, but they do not make the difference they just make things simpler. You can definitely complete the course successfully without purchasing anything.