How I Made Money My First Month Blogging

This is all my secrets to how I made money my very first month blogging. Yes I made money my very first month blogging and this is how I did it.

Thats right.. I made money my first month blogging. It took all my fear out of my blog failing. You can earn money blogging too! It is easier than I ever imagined and more rewarding than any job. I hope my success in the first month motivates you to create a blog.

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hey, it’s worth it to start a blog if you even just earn $300 one time!

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Before I started Smart and Simplistic I did my research and I got every helpful workbook, e-book, and course. I wanted to launch my blog and make it a success from the start. I always saw on Pinterest that It took people months, or years before their blog starting making them any money. I did not wan’t that. I knew I had the knowledge and determination to turn my blog into a business from the start. My first month blogging I made a little over $300 which may not seem like much to some, but it was the start to something great.

Here Is How I Made Money My First Month Blogging:

  1. Good Solid Content

By good solid content I mean content like my How To Start A Blog or How To Increase Your Blog Traffic posts. These posts contain information that a reader can actually take away. They learn something. I have realized people are much more  interested in content that teaches them something other than just content that gives them something to read. I spent so much time before I started Smart and Simplistic researching. The information I learned along the way has made it easier for me to create solid content and attract readers. I recommend writing about something you have a lot of knowledge on if you want to make money from the start it makes the process much easier.

2. A Few Affiliates

Before I monetized my own blog I read income report after income report. You can find all the income reports I get my inspiration from here on my income report Pinterest board. I used these income reports and researched tons of Affiliates like ShareASale, Amazon Affiliates, Themisle, hosting companies, and more. This research lead me to learn affiliate marketing is touchy.  A few good affiliates is better than trying to whore yourself out to them all to make more money. If your readers come to your blog time after time it is because they like you. You want to earn that trust. That trust = money. You know what doesn’t = money? A constant sales pitch. While reading income reports I realized that bloggers who work with a few core affiliates make more money than those who spread themselves thin and work with 5-10. I also noticed that bloggers who post about 5-10 affiliates regularly have a higher bounce rate and less return users than those bloggers who only work with a few. I applied this to my blog I only signed up for two affiliates that I thought would work with my blog that being my hosting company, and Amazon Affiliates. This is where I made all but $15 dollars this month.

3. A Few Ads

Now this month I did not make much from advertising but that is okay. I do not plan to make ads my main source of income. I am going to offer services, and write about what I am doing here on this blog. I do not want ads to take away from that so I only have two. Whatever those bring in they bring in. I will eventually even remove them. If your blog is full of advertisements it takes away from what you are saying and your products or content. You are getting paid because people are leaving your blog to go somewhere else. I don’t want that

4. Opt-In Freebies

I found that offering an opt-in freebie gets people to join your email list. The people who join your email list will return to your website time after time. Every time I sent out a newsletter people would click through and come back to my blog. That builds trust. those are the same people who bought things through my Amazon links or signed up for hosting through Bluehost.

However, you want to give away a freebie that is actually helpful and on topic. You do not want to giveaway just useless bull poop. You want to help your readers so that they want to keep coming back.

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5. Learning

If you want to get the complete story on how I turned my blog into a full time business grab my ebook, “30 Days to Blog Success” which is currently 65% off to my blog readers when they use coupon code: goingpro at checkout. It covers my complete story of what I did to take my small blog into a full time business while being in college, and working.

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It is a quarter of the cost of most online courses, and ebooks and let me tell you that is not because it doesn’t lack the information. I just don’t like to charge my readers an arm and a leg when they are just trying to follow their dreams.

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Closing Statements

Alright guys, here is the end of another post! I hope that this is super helpful.

Like I said If you want to earn money online like I do here. Here is my easy 5 step tutorial on how to start a blog for as little as $3.95 a month including your website name! Go create your website now! You won’t regret it.

Online Jobs for College Students, you can work from home no matter what your circumstances are if you know where to look. And you do because you stumbled upon this pin. Today I am teaching you and college students a like who want to work from home, easy ways that they can make real good money without every stepping outside. Working from home was my dream, I have achieved it now let me tell you how I do it, how you can do it, and how anyone can do it. Get ready to quit your day job.

Online Jobs For College Students

Online jobs for college students answer all of the worlds problems. Making money as a college student can be essential for survival. However finding the time or place to get a job might be nearly impossible. I am going to show you a few online jobs for college students so that you can make more money than all your friends without even having to leave your dorm room. Thats right you can work from home.

When I was a freshman in college (just last year) I came to campus knowing 1 person & having no car and taking way too many credit hours. This made it nearly impossible to get a good paying job because one I had no time & two I had no car. Sure I could find a crappy on campus job that paid minimum wage that only worked nights and weekends. But then I would have no time to go to football games, tailgate, or volunteer.

So I realized the best way to work would be to work online (my dorm). I tried being an online survey taker (made $10 in a month) which lasted about 4 weeks before I realized I was wasting my time and then the thought came to me to do something scandalous...

Start a blog.


1. Become a blogger.

Once I successfully started blogging and earning money, I decided to write down everything I did that first month and make an ebook out of it. This week I am running a special promo for us college kids so you can get 60% off my ebook the code is 2017summerClick here to get my ebook and don't forget to enter the code 2017summer CODE EXPIRES: August 1st 2017 at 11:59 pm CST..

This might sound ridiculous and time consuming. However, It doesn't have to be. I am sure you are passionate about something food, makeup, cars, trucks, engines, decor, planning, business, college, greek life, healthy eating, politics, fitness, yoga, a disease, charity, being a young parent or religion. There is something you care about. You can right about that thing and make money. Real money. It is one of the best online jobs for college students.

My first month blogging I made over $300 blogging (a lot more from my time as a online survey taker) and here I am four months later blogging as a full time job (I make more and more every month) paying for my college, and not digging myself into debt plus I have money to travel and have nice things. I am doing all of this working online as a college student.

It has forever changed my life, and now I get to help people like you follow their dreams and find online jobs that they love and I found a passion of my own: finance and business. Plus getting to work from home makes college a lot less stressful.

If you want to start a blog and become a business owner by investing less than $80 read about that on my blog by clicking here.  I walk you through the whole process of starting a blog, setting up WordPress, Installing your theme, and creating a logo (all for free) head over there.

Then head over and check out my post all about how to make money with your blog from the start and grab the free checklist that got me started by clicking here.

It will change your life, plus there is no limit on the money you can make!

2. Become A Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is another one of the great online jobs for a college student If you aren't ready to jump straight into blogging, and starting your own business right now then I recommend getting your feet wet by becoming a virtual assistant.


As a virtual assistant you do things such as schedule social media accounts, filter emails, draft blog posts, help come up with ideas, answer emails, and collect information for your boss.


You will work as a contractor with specific tasks most of the time. Which makes it easier for you and them both when it comes to doing your taxes.


There are many ways that you can become a virtual assistant such as starting your own website where you advertise and offer your services, however that is a little more difficult and almost like starting your own blog.


I reccomend heading to one of these websites below, creating a profile and looking for the virtual assistant job that fits you.


3. Social Media Manager

As a millennial chances are you have a social media account and are great at running it. This already makes you qualified to have a job. Crazy right? What a time we live in. You can work from home just by managing someones social media accounts. Running social media is one of my favorite online jobs for college students.


To become a social media manager, I would start by contacting local small companies by email and offering to run their social media accounts for however much you see fair, or offer a trial run where you run their accounts for a month and if they like it they will pay you.


This is great because you set your hours, choose who you work for, and get to set your pay.


Start by looking at small companies in your town that you care about, then see if they have a social media presence.


If they do but they post maybe once a month, or you see room for improvement make notes about exactly how you think you could improve it, and what ideas you have for the future.


4.Freelance Writer

Have you taken a college english class? Do you enjoy talking about many things? Do you enjoy writing about many things? Wow you are qualified for this online job already.


Maybe you should think about becoming a freelance writer. At the beginning the pay might not be astronomical however once you build up a little experience you can start making $100+ per article, or paper written.


Now that will for sure pay for some coffee, and text books.


Freelance writing jobs can be found all over the internet but after checking into it myself I have found that these are your best bet at actually finding work and not wasting your time.


All of these website ask you to write about a specific topic, and offer a set amount of pay. You offer them details or a draft and they accept or decline to work with you.


If you want tips on how to be a top notch freelance writer you can check out this board on Pinterest: click here.


It is all about freelance writing resources and tips.



Well if you landed on this blog post somehow I am assuming that you can type. Which makes you a great candidate for this online job for college students.

If so I might have found the perfect work from home job for you.

Transcribing things.

A transcriptionist listens to a video, sound clip, or something of the sort and types exactly what they hear.

You can make anywhere from $.10 a minute to $.50 a minute which is pretty good more for every hour that you work.

You can work from anywhere at any time, wearing anything you please and without an an annoying boss.

I reccomend checking out the sites below they all are reputable and offer honest and good pay.

Closing Statements

If you are interested in starting a blog I definitely recommend getting my ebook of my 30 days to blogging story. It covers every little thing that I did to get my blog to where it is now (earning thousands a month) and the things I used to do it. I really hope that it helps. Just click here to get it and don't forget to enter the code 2017summer at checkout! Offer expires August 1st at 11:59 PM CST.

Working online as a college student is only as hard as you make it. As long as you are determined, and hard working it should be no problem. To start a great work from home business may take a large time investment at the very beginning such as: starting a blog, setting up social networks for it, and planning content. After that it will pay off every month with very little up keep. There are many great online jobs for college students.

My number one recommendation is to start a blog. I make more money than most people my age and don't have to do stuff I hate. I set my hours, goals and pay. Nothing is better than that.

I invested many hours at first learning, and setting up social media accounts and now I get all the benefits of an online job for college students without the hassle.

If you need help starting a blog and starting to work from home check out my series on how to start a blog by clicking here.  Then head over and check out my post all about how to make money with your blog from the start and grab the free checklist that got me started by clicking here.


THE (1).png

The Key to Affiliate Marketing

Are you excited to join bloggers like myself who make a lot of money from affiliate marketing? Good. I cannot wait to help you become an online marketing empire.

When I started blogging I immediately realized how important affiliate marketing was. Many bloggers skip affiliate marketing for months when they first start their blog, because they feel like they do not have enough traffic to create any income from affiliates, or because they think that it will annoy their readers. However, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. On top of affiliate marketing be a really easy way to earn money chances are you can actually earn money and get paid pretty quickly.

I am creating this post to explain to everyone how you can make money online at home with affiliate marketing. Using affiliates on your blog is a great way to earn an extra passive income from home. It is the best kind of side hustle because it requires little to no work after the initial.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you help sell the products, or services of someone else's goods. They pay you for every product you help them sell, and you offer them your time and writing talents.  In return you can earn a percentage of a persons purchase or a set amount of dollars per transaction. The more products you help to sell the more money you can be making from home.

How To Become an Affiliate Marketer Full Time.

To get started with affiliate marketing online the first thing you need to do is create a blog and account with the affiliate of your choice and determine how you are going to market their products.

Companies With Great Affiliate Marketing Opportunities for Bloggers:


1. Bluehost

Especially if you host your blog through them. They pay well, work well and have been the online company that brings me the most income. You can get to their website by clicking here. They pay $65 per person brought in, which is a great amount.

2. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The reason Amazon is a great company to be an online associate for because they have such an expansive inventory of product. Amazon gives the associate a percentage of each sale they earn. The more you sell the higher your percentage. You can learn more about Amazons program by clicking here. 

3. Share-A-Sale

Share a sale is a super cool company that allows affiliates to get paid per click, per lead, or per sale so you can earn in multiple ways. Another great thing about Share-A-Sale is that they make it easy to be an affiliate for basically any product you genuinely like. Which makes transparency with your audience much easier. You can find out more about Share-A-Sale by clicking here.


What To Do Once You Sign Up To Online Market For a Company.

Once you sign up for a company to market for it may be a little confusing getting to the part where you are actually making money. In this part of the post I will walk you through excatly how to market their products through your blog to earn money

1. Pick A Product You Use and Actually Reccomend.

Many bloggers when they first start they want to sell everything and anything they possibly can because they believe it will lead them to money fast. However, when you are first building your audience you will have no credibility with them, so even if you do get them to buy some random product you don't know about they probably won't like it, and they wont be coming back to you for advice.

2. Outline A Plan

Once you have a product in mind outline how you plan to write it into a post. Unless you are a fashion blogger and you have pictures of yourself using or wearing the product that you are trying to sell it is pretty hard to just throw down a link and have people buy the product. Most people won't buy a product unless you give them a reason to believe that it is worth it, so do just that. Outline a post where you can share the product plus explain how the product will help the people who read your post.

3. Get the Affiliate Links and Images You Need.

Before you can write the post you need to collect all the links, and photos you will need for the post. I typically put them with a post outline in a google doc. That way I have them all in one place and can easily copy and past them when I need to. It saves you time in the long run and makes this whole money making process easier.

4. Write The Post

Now its time to write the post. But when you are writing the post remember where to put the affiliate link to create the most clicks and traffic to the website you are trying to sell from. The places that I have found that generate the most clicks is.

  1. In a photo of the product.
  2. In the final paragraph of the post.
  3. Include a link anywhere you mention that product.

In my ebook "30 Days to Blog Success" I go into way more detail about how I started earning a living from affiliate marketing with my blog. If you are interested in making a living from your blog I highly reccomend checking it out. Plus, for the remainder of this month I am offering a 60% off code for my blog readers who want to become full time bloggers.

First click here, then don't forget to  



5. Publish the Post & Market It

The number one key to making money with affiliate marketing is

to actually publish a post and share it with the right people.

Once your first affiliate marketing post is published there are a few things you need to remember.

Share it with people who will already be interested in that product.

Continually share it on Facebook & Pinterest. These are the places that people look for suggestions.

Make sure it applies to your audience, or target audience.


Keep Learning

now once you have done all of those things it is best to keep on getting educated on affiliate marketing!

also don't forget the sale for "30 Days to Blog Success" Ends in a few days, so click here and use code: goingpro at checkout!

In 30 Days to Blog Success I talk about:

How to affiliate market with a small blog

My exact business strategy

The best way to connect with your target audience for free.

The best online tools to build your blog for free

How to maximize your social media accounts for profit.

Thanks for reading!


How to get twitter followers fast...

How to get Twitter followers quickly. Everyone who runs a business wants a sucessful Twitter account and may think that if they are starting from nothing that they can't gain followers fast. Let me prove you wrong. Here is how you gain followers fast. 

How I Gained 300+ Twitter Followers In A Week

Twitter can be super important when it comes to blog growth. Twitter Is a very interesting social media platform. You get 140 characters to explain your thoughts and sell your blog or business. However, it is very helpful for increasing your websites traffic if you do everything right. So you are going to want to gain Twitter followers if you are a blogger or small business owner. Twitter is also a great place to build relationships with bloggers, and other people in the community who inspire you. I could write a whole post on the benefits of being active on Twitter and using it right but that is not what you are here for so lets get into it.

Today I am going to be giving away my secrets on how I gained 300+ twitter followers last week. 

Here is my Twitter: TheSimpleSmarty

How I Use Twitter:

I use my twitter to connect with my blogs target audience. Which allows me to use twitter to build connections and increase my traffic. I tweet blog tips, personal anecdotes, and helpful information for bloggers and small biz owners. The way you use twitter is important to note because you are going to want to speak to your target audience and not the whole world.

How I Got 300+ Followers In 7 Days:

I am going to break it down day by day so it is an easier to follow guide. I am not trying to keep any secrets over here. I want you to be successful. You deserve it!

  • Do not send thoughtless annoying DM’s to people asking them to follow you or sending them links to your blog. It is annoying and is less likely to get you twitter followers who will actually interact with your content.


  1. I set goals for the week, how many followers did I want to get each day. The goal was 35 a day hoping to end the week around 250 followers up for the week.
  2. I planned out what I wanted to put in my tweets. 1/10th self promo 9/10ths personal + blogging tips.
  3. I planned out how I was going to approach getting followers.
    1. Follow users within my target audience (bloggers, and small business owners)
    2. Use hashtags people within my target audience will be looking at ( #smallbiz #girlboss #ontheblog)
    3. Communicate with people I follow (like their tweets, reply to their tweets, retweet other people tweets)
  4. I planned to follow everyone back (This is my blogs twitter, I don’t have to read it if it doesn’t apply to me)
  5. Then I implemented my plans I followed 20 people who where within my target audience and interacted with their tweets.

Followers Gained Monday: 18


  1. I followed 30 people within my target audience + 8 people who followed me on Monday.

  2. I tweeted with hashtags
  3. I deleted old self promotion (it makes your blog look like a boring sales page, not a real persons twitter)
  4. I interacted with other peoples tweets that fell into my Niche (blogging, and small business.) I liked about 20 tweets and retweeted 2 or 3.

Followers Gained: 64


  1. I followed back everyone who followed me on Tuesday plus 30 people within my target audience.(i.e. people from the twitter chat that Ill talk about later)
  2. I tweeted with hashtags
  3. I replied to tweets that interested me
  4. I participated in a twitter chat #NectarChat
  5. I pinned my latest blog post to my profile.

Followers Gained: 44


  1. I got caught up on Jane the Virgin and didn’t tweet all day.

  2. I followed 15ish people
  3. I did nothing
  4. I did nothing
  5. I probably took a nap

Followers Gained: 27


  1. I followed everyone back who I was not already following
  2. I finished Jane The Virgin (great show go watch it on Netflix)
  3. I was active on Twitter for at least an hour and a half throughout the day.
  4. I tweeted some older blog posts.
  5. I followed 45 people within my target audience or who I admired.

Followers Gained:68


  1. I followed everyone back from the previous day
  2.  I liked 20 tweets
  3. I followed 20 people within my (I’m going to say it again) target audience.
  4. I deleted old self promotion I tweeted throughout the week.

Followers Gained: 54


  1. The last day in the week wow this post is almost over.
  2. I followed everyone back from the previous day.
  3. I tweeted stuff that was not about blogging.
  4. I followed 30 people within my (probably the last time I am going to say it) target audience.
  5. I liked 30 tweets that I actually liked or learned from.

Followers Gained: 44

Total Followers Gained Last Week: 319


Closing Statements

This may seem like nothing to some people. However, Twitter brings in new unique viewers to my blog everyday. And some how I earned $300 my first month blogging. You can read about that by clicking here.

Want to learn from me personally on how to turn your blog into a successful business quick? Click here.

I turned my blog into a money making business in less than a month. With my strategies you can do that too! Interested in working with me to turn your blog into your dream career sooner rather than later? click here. 

I hope this is helpful to those of you who are looking to gain your Twitter following that will actually come to your blog this Is how I did it.

If you aren’t a blogger and now you are interested in becoming one click here to check out my, “How To Start A Blog” post it is super easy (5 steps) and only $3.95 a month with my link. Plus you too could earn $300 which is a decent amount of money!


How to Choose and Install Your First Theme

This is part two of a four part series called, “how to start a blog”. If you stumbled upon this post and haven’t gotten a chance to read the rest of the series you can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the links titled with each part.

Choosing a theme is a super important part of creating a profitable blog. You want your blog to be readable, and easy to navigate so that you will have return readers. Return readers make turning your blog into a business much easier. So basically you want a great theme.

Choosing a Theme

The key to the best theme for a blog is finding one that is simple enough, responsive, and has a side bar.

Here are some themes that I like that are free. You can get any of these by logging into your WordPress clicking appearance > Themes > then searching their name which is in the grey at the bottom.

These themes all have a sidebar (place for an about me), header photo place (location for logo) are responsive so they can be used on mobile devices and they are simple so the text is clear and easy to read.

To install a theme:

  1. Navigate to your “Dashboard”
  2. Hover Over “Appearance” then click “Themes”


2. Click “Add New”

3. Search for one of the themes I mentioned above in the search bar or browse themes. I recommend looking through “Latest” I have found some really great free themes there.



4. Once you find a theme that you like you can click, “Install” to install it into a folder where keeps all your themes or preview to see a larger image.


5. Once you are ready to install click install. After installing you should come to this screen.


6. I recommend clicking “Live Preview” there you can change the colors, and set up to see if you like it before activating it.

This is what live preview looks like:


7. Once you get your blog looking how you want to by messing with the stuff in the customization bar click “Save & Activate” and your blog will be ready for action! Then you can continue on and create your logo!


Woohoo! Now you have your first theme!

It is time to create your first logo (for free) in part 3 of this series find out all about how we are going to do that by clicking here. 

Want to look at the other parts of this series? Click on any of these links to go there.

Part 1: How To Start a Blog

Part 2: Choosing and Installing Your First Theme (for free)

Part 3: Creating Your First Logo (for free)

Part 4: Plugins You Need For Your Blog (free)

Disclaimer: No content in this post is an affiliate link or sponsored. 

How to install your first theme to wordpress. This is the most simple and free way to get an amazing professional looking blog. This step by step guide will show you excatly what you need to know to create an amazing wordpress site.

How To Increase Traffic Using Pinterest

So you want to increase traffic? Pinterest is the best free growth tool when it comes to blogging. I have been using Pinterest for years but I just recently started using it in all of the right ways.

I have grown my blog’s traffic by thousands of unique viewers in just a few days.

Growing your traffic using Pinterest is super easy, and free. It does not get much better than that.

There are a few ways to increase your traffic using Pinterest and in this post I am going to discuss some of the ones that have brought my blog the most traffic.

Plus there is a free printable workbook that goes along with this post just scroll to the bottom if you want to grab that first!

Enabling Rich Pins

Enabling rich pins will give pins from your website more credibility. Rich pins show your websites title and favicon under the photo which gives them a more professional and polished look which increases the chances that someone will save it to their boards and check out your website.

Click here to see a board full of rich pins. 

Here is the base of a rich pin.



You can see that it has my sites favicon and that it says “Smart and Simplistic.”

Enabling rich pins also increases the likely hood that Pinterest will show your post at the top of a search. Pinterest is a search engine so they try to show the best content not the most recent. Pinterest sees rich pins as pins that are better than normal pins and is much more likely to share them. Enabling rich pins will increase traffic to your website there is no question about it.

To enable rich pins you sign into Pinterest and go to the rich pin validator 0r click here.

Once you are there you type in your websites address and click “Validate”

If Pinterest did not find any problems with your page then a screen will pop up saying, “Your pin’s have been validated” then you just click “apply now” and another pop up will come up with your website domain and html tags and click “apply now again.

Then boom! Increased traffic.

Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

Changing Your Name

Changing your name on Pinterest is so minor yet it will increase traffic? How? because when you have a name that also says what you do it is more likely to catch someones eye.

The perfect name on Pinterest says who you are and what you do.

Here is my Pinterest Name: 


This tells people exactly what they are getting when they follow me which you can do by clicking here. They are going to get blogging tips and information about entrepreneurship. So if someone is stumbling through Pinterest looking for tips about blogging and sees my name they are much more likely to come check out whats going on in my boards.

To change your name just go to your profile and click the edit profile button in the top right hand corner.


Enhancing Your Bio

Inhancing your biography on Pinterest will increase traffic in the same ways that changing your name will. It makes your page more likely to attract readers who are looking for what you offer.

An ideal Pinterest biography says what you do so once again pinners know what they are getting. This way the followers you get want to see your blog posts and pins.

Here is my whole Pinterest Biography:



It says what I do so bloggers know when they come to my page that I am going to help them turn their blogs into a profitable business.

Changing your bio is much like changing your name, you just go to your profile and click the edit profile button in the top right hand corner.

I have tons more of great Pinterest advice in my ebook. It tells you all the tools I used to make my blog into a business in just under a month. I have decided to offer a promo code to my readers this week (until the end of may). It is: goingpro just enter it at checkout. Click here to learn more about my ebook.  

Just like I said earlier Pinterest is a search engine so it optimizes certain accounts as better. The better accounts get more of their posts featured. One way to get Pinterest to see your account as better than others is to pin new things often.

Do not just pin anything though pin things that relate to your blog or business. For example if you are a food blogger things like recipe pins and kitchen tools pins. This will increase the amount of time your posts come up when people search for food related things.

When I say pin a lot I mean I aim to pin 60  – 80 things a day.

You need to be active in order to get Pinterest to see you as one of those great accounts.

Hope that this helps you increase traffic like it has for me!

Pinterest is incredible tool for brining traffic to your blog. Pinterest brings my blog 99.5% of its traffic. I thought that sharing my tips on how to use Pinterest to increase could help other bloggers.

How To Earn Money On Vacation

I know many of my readers are heading back to college in just a few days or heading off on family vacations. Which is terrifying but also very exciting. As a blog runner and business owner in college it can be very hard to manage your blog and business. It can be even harder to allow yourself to leave your blog to go on vacation because you want to keep making money this way. However, that shouldn’t be the case. You can still make money while in college, or earn money while you are on vacation.

If you don’t currently have a blog and want to make money while you are on vacation I highly recommend starting a blog. I earned $300 my first month blogging, and have earned more every month since. You can read that full story by clicking here.

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Recently I took a vacation with my husband. I knew that I needed to keep earning money with my blog If I wanted to meet my goals for the month and year. Before I left for vacation I made it my job to make sure I could set my blog and business on autopilot for a while.

Passive Income

The great thing about running a blog is that you can create a passive income stream, and earn money monthly with minimal time invested.

All you have to do is create quality content and monetize your blog correctly. At the bottom of this post you can grab my free blog monetization checklist so you can have the best chance to earn money while on vacation.

There are so many tips and tricks when it comes to passive income, and how to manage it correctly. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to passive income, which you can follow by clicking here.

Before I left for vacation I was incredibly stressed out thinking that my blog and business would get no traffic and basically drop off the face of the planet if I left it.

I started realizing slowly I had all the tools I needed to get my blog to run itself while I was gone. I knew exactly how to set my blog to autopilot. Now I am going to teach you. Now remember these tips will only help you if you know that you are leaving your blog or have something stressful coming up.

1.Write your blog posts in advanced.

I had a binder of about 10 blog post topics. I write each topic idea on a blank sheet of paper then scribble down notes, or things I want to talk about in the post. I then use that sheet of notes to create a coherent blog post.

When you know that you are leaving for vacation or to go back to school start a binder, or a notebook of ideas. Then whenever you get time use those ideas to create posts. Before I left for vacation

2.Create your blog photos in advanced.

I have an image template that I created on Canva. I just change the colors and write the title. Which makes it super easy to create the image for my blog even if I forgot until the day it publishes. I have a step by step post explaining how I create image in Canva for free. You can read that by clicking here.

However if you want to you can just create an image template and create your images in advanced with your blog post that will make it even easier.

If you plan to take photos of food, or of vacations you can do this as you create the post or the recipe.

3.Schedule your posts.

If you run your blog self hosted through WordPress it is super easy to schedule your blogs to post on their own. All you do is scroll up on the post to the corner where you would hit publish change the date and hit schedule instead.

This makes it super easy to have your blog run itself.

4.Schedule your social media posts.

I use Hootsuite to schedule all of my social media posts. Which is free and super easy. I schedule 4 tweets a day, 1-2 Facebook posts a day, and 1-2 Instagram posts a week. Which makes it seem like I am being really active online even when I’m not.

5.Create and schedule newsletters.

I like to send weekly blog tips, and information on monetizing your blog to my subscribers each week. I like to keep that up even when I know I am going to be busy or on vacation.

So I use MailerLite (which is free) to create my newsletter campaigns and schedule them to send when I want them too.

Appealing to your email subscribers on a regular basis makes them feel more comfortable with you, and it makes you seem more reliable.

6.Schedule your pins.

I use BoardBooster to schedule my pins on Pinterest. They make it super easy to stay active on Pinterest even when you are low on time. Pinterest can be the most helpful tool for bringing traffic to your blog. You don’t want to give that up just because you are going on a trip, or back to school.

BoardBooster will cost you a few dollars every month but if you use it correctly it is worth your wild.

7.Create scheduled email reminders of your products.

If you are someone like me, or many other bloggers who offer products and services you don’t want those to be forgotten while you are in school or on vacation. Just like I like to create a weekly newsletter to send out to my subscribers I like to send out a regular email ever month, or two weeks to tell my readers what I am working on, and what products or services I have out available.

8. Monetize your blog correctly.

I created a free checklist to help you guys out because I know monetizing your blog can be confusing especially when you are in a rush to head back to school, or get your bags packed for vacation.

You can get that free checklist by click here.


Closing Statements

I hope going back to school, or heading off to school isn’t too stressful on you.

Just know your blog isn’t going to get up and run away without you.

You can still earn money, and do other things that you love.