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My life hasn’t always been luxury travel, business meetings, and speaking engagements. Just a few years ago my husband and I were on food stamps, living in a crapy one bedroom apartment and I having anxiety attacks all the time.

I use to let my limiting beliefs, control my life. I was afraid to go after my goals because I wasn’t the right kind of “women”.



It only takes one moment to change everything


I wasn’t always the person I dreamed of being. In fact a few years ago I was someone I dreaded being. I don’t suddenly love who I am because I lost a bunch of weight (because I certainly haven’t) I love who I am because of one moment in my life.

To explain the “one” moment I have to go back to before it.

Fresh out of high school I married Riley. The two of us went of to college together and we both majored in business and hoped one day to work for ourselves.

In the meantime you could catch me making sandwiches (yes, I worked making sandwiches) while Riley worked from home doing data entry for minimum wage.

It felt like everyday we were going on drives around expensive neighborhoods brainstorming business ideas that would allow us to live there. (because we couldn’t afford to do anything else)

However, I would come up with every excuse not to take action and start those businsses.

“I’m too young no one will take me seriously”

“I’m too fat, everyone will count me out”

“we’re too poor to do any of this stuff”

“we don’t have the equipment to do any of this stuff”

For every dream on my heart I had an excuse in my head that would stop me from reaching for it. Until the anxiety attacks started…

See, we were poor. Real poor and I constantly blamed myself for it. We couldn’t do anything, we couldn’t even afford to go to an early movie on a weekday.

I started having anxiety attacks almost daily because of it.

Out of desperation I pulled out old tricks I had learned and I started journaling, practicing gratitude, and reading self development / business books.

I tried every “work from home job” I could that made it so I wouldn’t have to put my real self out there because I was ashamed of who I was because of other people’s opinions. (I also failed at every “work from home job” I tried.)

The whole time I knew what I wanted to do though, I wanted to start a blog and business that would actually impact people’s lives.

So one day out of the complete blue I saw a pin on Pinterest, that said “How I Make $20k/mo Blogging” and instead of shutting myself down like I had always done before by thinking things to myself like:

“I only have a chrome book I can’t be a blogger”

“I’m plus size, and ugly no one will care what I have to say”

“I’m inexperienced, why would anyone want my opinion.”

I instead turned to Riley and asked him about it, and even though we definitely couldn’t afford it. He let me use what was left on his card. And now many years later one blog, turned into three successful businesses, speaking opportunities, and the ability to inspire thousands of women to take action in their lives.

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Now that you know how I went from sorry for myself to successful now it’s time to talk about me and the stuff I like.



Favorite Store:

  • 100% Target (it’s really the only place I shop)

Number one business goal:

I set way too many goals so I can’t choose one but here are a few:

  • Become a New York Times Bestselling Author,

  • Become a Forbes 30 under 30.

  • Own an office building with my companies name on it.

Number one personal goal:

  • Become a mom!

Where I went to college:

  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Favorite Makeup Item:

  • whatever product makes my eyebrows look like they belong to a human.

Starbucks Drink:

  • Venti cold brew, no classic w/ half and half

  • or if I want something sweet a grande cold brew with no classic, two pumps of white mocha and half and half.

Favorite food:

  • Breakfast biscuits.

Favorite Nail Color:

  • White dip powder with short rounded nails.

Favorite Place:

  • Boulder, Colorado

Where I Grew Up:

  • Vero Beach, Florida

Biggest Inspirations:

  • Dean Graziosi

  • Tony Robbins

  • Rachel Hollis

  • Simon Sinek

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