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The Key to Affiliate Marketing

Are you excited to join bloggers like myself who make a lot of money from affiliate marketing? Good. I cannot wait to help you become an online marketing empire.

When I started blogging I immediately realized how important affiliate marketing was. Many bloggers skip affiliate marketing for months when they first start their blog, because they feel like they do not have enough traffic to create any income from affiliates, or because they think that it will annoy their readers. However, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. On top of affiliate marketing be a really easy way to earn money chances are you can actually earn money and get paid pretty quickly.

I am creating this post to explain to everyone how you can make money online at home with affiliate marketing. Using affiliates on your blog is a great way to earn an extra passive income from home. It is the best kind of side hustle because it requires little to no work after the initial.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you help sell the products, or services of someone else's goods. They pay you for every product you help them sell, and you offer them your time and writing talents.  In return you can earn a percentage of a persons purchase or a set amount of dollars per transaction. The more products you help to sell the more money you can be making from home.

How To Become an Affiliate Marketer Full Time.

To get started with affiliate marketing online the first thing you need to do is create a blog and account with the affiliate of your choice and determine how you are going to market their products.

Companies With Great Affiliate Marketing Opportunities for Bloggers:


1. Bluehost

Especially if you host your blog through them. They pay well, work well and have been the online company that brings me the most income. You can get to their website by clicking here. They pay $65 per person brought in, which is a great amount.

2. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The reason Amazon is a great company to be an online associate for because they have such an expansive inventory of product. Amazon gives the associate a percentage of each sale they earn. The more you sell the higher your percentage. You can learn more about Amazons program by clicking here. 

3. Share-A-Sale

Share a sale is a super cool company that allows affiliates to get paid per click, per lead, or per sale so you can earn in multiple ways. Another great thing about Share-A-Sale is that they make it easy to be an affiliate for basically any product you genuinely like. Which makes transparency with your audience much easier. You can find out more about Share-A-Sale by clicking here.


What To Do Once You Sign Up To Online Market For a Company.

Once you sign up for a company to market for it may be a little confusing getting to the part where you are actually making money. In this part of the post I will walk you through excatly how to market their products through your blog to earn money

1. Pick A Product You Use and Actually Reccomend.

Many bloggers when they first start they want to sell everything and anything they possibly can because they believe it will lead them to money fast. However, when you are first building your audience you will have no credibility with them, so even if you do get them to buy some random product you don't know about they probably won't like it, and they wont be coming back to you for advice.

2. Outline A Plan

Once you have a product in mind outline how you plan to write it into a post. Unless you are a fashion blogger and you have pictures of yourself using or wearing the product that you are trying to sell it is pretty hard to just throw down a link and have people buy the product. Most people won't buy a product unless you give them a reason to believe that it is worth it, so do just that. Outline a post where you can share the product plus explain how the product will help the people who read your post.

3. Get the Affiliate Links and Images You Need.

Before you can write the post you need to collect all the links, and photos you will need for the post. I typically put them with a post outline in a google doc. That way I have them all in one place and can easily copy and past them when I need to. It saves you time in the long run and makes this whole money making process easier.

4. Write The Post

Now its time to write the post. But when you are writing the post remember where to put the affiliate link to create the most clicks and traffic to the website you are trying to sell from. The places that I have found that generate the most clicks is.

  1. In a photo of the product.
  2. In the final paragraph of the post.
  3. Include a link anywhere you mention that product.

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5. Publish the Post & Market It

The number one key to making money with affiliate marketing is

to actually publish a post and share it with the right people.

Once your first affiliate marketing post is published there are a few things you need to remember.

Share it with people who will already be interested in that product.

Continually share it on Facebook & Pinterest. These are the places that people look for suggestions.

Make sure it applies to your audience, or target audience.


Keep Learning

now once you have done all of those things it is best to keep on getting educated on affiliate marketing!

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  • Thanks for reading!