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The Real Taylor Stanford

 Hey Girl! 

I’m Taylor Stanford completely normal mid-westerner, avid Target shopper, and “blogger” (if you want to call me that). I started blogging in early 2016 as a last ditch effort to find a work from home side hustle that I loved because I wanted to be around my family more. I tried surveys (I made $9, after a month of taking surveys daily) I tried cash back apps (I made the initial $5 reward than no more ever…) oh and I also tried transcribing audio which went equally as good as the first two things I mentioned.

So I decided to give blogging a try because all the bloggers I saw on Pinterest were raving about how they made “$20,000+ every month talking about things they loved” and as a poor newlywed that sounded like a dream!

Oh no this isn’t the part of the story where I tell you “I started a blog and the rest is history” this is the part where I tell you…

I failed… yep, I completely failed, and failed again, but for some reason I just kept trying. It was so much harder than everyone made it seem. So in May of 2016 I promised if I ever figured it out I would teach other women like myself how to actually build blogs and businesses from home. By actually teaching them what it takes, and not just trying to steal their money. I took course after course, I read book after book about business, and blogging, and internet marketing. Heck, I even started taking college marketing classes. Then after months of research I came up with a blogging and business formula and it worked!

7 months after implementing my strategy I was able to quit my terrible job, and 5 months after that my husband was able to leave his job. Then early this year I decided to keep the promise I made with myself in May of 2016 and dedicate myself to helping women build businesses, and blogs using the power of the internet without trying to sell them BS that doesn’t work just for their money.


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