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Hey There!

If you don't already know me I am Taylor. I am a blogger over here by profession but a travel bug by passion. I blog about life and teach other normal people how to be bloggers.

My blog allows me to make a full-time income while traveling, or getting to stay home with my family depending on the day!

My blog earns me over $10,000 per month while I only work a few hours a week.

I love my blog, and I also love being able to teach people how they can do this for themselves so that is why I created this completely free email course for people just curious about blogging, or people determined to make a full-time income blogging.

This course is made for beginners so it is super easy to follow and detailed.

Please take it if you don’t already have a blog (or if you do already have a blog and want the advice) because I really want to help you get your dream job. Here is a more detailed guide of what we go over in it!

  • Day 1: How to start a blog for beginners (+50% of per month & free .com just for my readers)

  • Day 2: How to install your first theme and create a free logo.

  • Day 3: Planning out your content.

  • Day 4: Monetizing your website as a beginner.

  • Day 5: Increasing your website's traffic to make more money.

  • Day 6: Planning out your long-term goals.

  • Day 7: Wrap up & Guide to follow for the future to maximize profit.

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