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Do you want to be making six figures from home blogging?

Let the 30 Days to Blog Success e-book teach you how to make money blogging in 30 Days.

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>> You want to work from home and make good money but, you have no idea where to start.

>> You want to make good money, and actually get to watch your kids grow up.

>> You want to be a blogger but, have no idea how to actually make money doing it.

>> You want to be able to travel more than two weeks a year but, still have a good job that pays the bills.

>> You want to be able to make good money from home without multi-level marketing schemes.

>> You already have a blog, but you’re overwhelmed and don’t know how to make it successful and profitable.

Then you’re in the right place!

The 30 Days to Blog Success E-book will teach you what?

The exact methods I used to turn my blog into a business in 30 days.

  • How to build a blog from literally nothing on day 1 to a money making blog on day 30 when you know nothing.

  • Keys to goal setting for your blog.

  • The best way of monetizing your blog.

  • How to create a relationship with readers.

  • How to make money with a small audience.

  • The importance of trust and how to build it.

  • How to build trust with your audience.

  • How to reach your target audience most effectively and how to turn that into profit.

  • And much much more...


What can you expect ?

  • A 33 chapter e-book walking you through day by day what to do over the next 30 days to take your blog from absolutely nothing to making money even with no blogging experience

  • My story of exactly how I turned my blog into a business in 30 Days.

  • A Day-by-Day fill in guide teaching you what to do on social media and how to do it in order to build traffic.

  • A workbook which will walk you through exactly how to start using social media, affiliate marketing, and more to make money.

  • BONUS #1 One-on-One email coaching with me to teach you exactly how to turn your idea into a profitable blog that allows you to work form home.

  • BONUS #2 A Private Facebook Group with me and other people who are reading or have read 30 Days to Blog Success who are looking to help each-other succeed.

How am I going to teach you? 30 Days to Blog Success


What does the E-book include?

Its' 33 chapters (one per day + 2 extras) that walk you through exactly what I did to create a profitable blog from NOTHING in 30 days.

  • How to start a profitable blog from nothing.

  • The best way of monetizing your blog when you don't have something to sell.

  • How to make money blogging the most efficient way.

  • How to make money with a small audience when your just starting.

  • How to target an audience and how to reach your target audience most effectively.

  • And much much more....



What the Workbook guide includes:

  • Daily social media checklists for the month.

  • A walk through the methods I used to reach my success so quickly.

  • Complete list of the best online communities.

  • Complete guide to how to monetize successfully for any type and size blog.

  • A guide teaching you how to brand your blog for successes even if you have no design skills.

  • The checklist I used when monetizing my site which has earned me a full time income.

  • And much much much more...

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So here is a little bit about me and my blog:

It was just a little over sixteen months ago that I decided to start Smart and Simplistic (now TaylorStanford.com).

I started with a goal of proving to myself and all the other small bloggers out there that it was possible to earn real money as a small blogger or motivated person as long as you are genuine and passionate you can earn money online. 

Here I am just a few months later running a successful full-time business that (that earns 10k+ a month) I love. The things I have learned along the way just prove to me that this is possible for anyone.

I want to prove to you that it is possible for your blog. You can be living your dreams of making money online in as little as 30 days. Let me help you!

Time Left to Get 30 Days to Blog Success 

UNTIL: 11:59 pM CST Sunday September 23rd, 2018

What do past readers have to say?


Riley W.

Gaming Blogger

Taylor's advice has taken me from no side hustle to over $5,000 per month. I am so thankful for this book. When I started I was a complete newbie and had no idea what I was doing.



Lifestyle Blogger

It seemed like you wrote this for me.. It has step by step. And I love it. This book has changed my blog forever.


Julie J.

Mommy Blogger

Thank you so much for taking the time to look into my blog for me and to give me some advice. I'm enjoying your 30 days to blogging success! I appreciate you and the book. I can't believe my blog is profitable now.

Of course there is more freebies!

Once A Month Q+ A Sessions

  • In these sessions, we will talk about anything you want.

  • Any questions you have about starting your blog, or monetizing your blog.

  • Any questions you have about building a relationship with your audience.

  • We can discuss your success + goals.

One-on-One Email Coaching.

  • I will email you once a month to see how your blog is coming and if you need any help.

  • Help you with your monetization struggles.

  • Give you updated tips on how you can monetize your blog more successfully.

  • Help you brainstorm product or service ideas.

  • Review your blog's brand.

  • Discuss how you can grow your blog for the following month.

personal workbook

  • Daily social media checklists for the month.

  • A walk through the methods I used to reach my success so quickly.

  • A guide teaching you how to brand your blog for successes even if you have no design skills.

  • The checklist I used when monetizing my site which has helped me earn a full time income.

oh How rude, I forgot to introduce myself

Hey girl! I am Taylor Stanford. 

I am the women who is going to help you take your free time and turn it into a full-time blogging career (if you'll let me). I blog on my website about traveling with my husband and family, and about things I love.

I also am a southern girl by birth and a midwesterner now by marriage. However, I am still learning how to properly deal with this thing the people here call "snow". 

We moved here to be close to my husbands family.

Family is everything and a big reason I am so passionate about helping other women grow their blogs (or not yet blogs) into six-figure careers.

Who doesn't want to get to watch their kids grow up from home while still bringing in six-figures?

Blogging is the best career in the world.

Plus now I can travel whenever I want and no one can tell me no, or make me feel bad about it. 

Let me teach you how to turn your free time into a full-time blogging career.


What will 30 Days to Blog Success do For You?

in short? teach you how it's possible to become a full-time blogger in just one month.

Come on girl, let me show you the way. We got this! 


Frequently asked Questions

How long do I have access to the e-book?

How does lifetime access sound? After getting the book, you have unlimited access to it for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the e-book?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days with the reason you are unhappy, proof the e-book has not helped and we will refund you fully!

What If I haven't started my blog yet?

If you haven't started your blog but plan to soon then this e-book is perfect for you! Email me and let me know and I will personally walk you through setting up your blog. So if you are determined to make an income with your future blog I recommend it.

What if I have already been blogging?

If you are already blogging and earning money but not as much as you would like this e-book is perfect for you. You will breeze through it. Once you purchase this you will have lifetime access so you can always come back when you need to refresh.

What do I need to read this?

A self-hosted website (or the desire to start one), determination, an internet connection, and some free time.

Will I have to purchase anything to go with this?

I recommend a couple of things during the e-book that are services you can pay for, but they do not make the difference they just make things simpler. You can definitely complete the e-book successfully without purchasing anything.