30 Days to Blog Success

WHAT I WILL TEACH YOU:how to define your message, target your audience, build your audience, grow your email list, monetize your website, andlive your wildest dreams.


What Comes In 30 Days To Blog Success?

30 Days to Blog Success

What this Mini Course Includes:

  • How to start a perfect blog from nothing.
  • The exact methods I used to turn my blog into a business in 30 days.
  • The keys to goal setting for your blog. 
  • The best way of monetizing your blog. 
  • How to create a relationship with readers. 
  • How to make money with a small audience. 
  • The importance of trust. 
  • How to build trust with your audience. 
  • How to reach your target audience most effectively. 
  • And much much more....
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How long is left to enroll?



Why should you trust me?

My first month I made over $300 blogging and three months later I was able to quit my job in food service and support myself, and my husband with my blog. Now I make more than $10,000 a month blogging, and have helped other bloggers to make even more than that.  

In October 2016 I launched 30 Days to Blog Success to share my story and help bloggers kick-start their blogging career and learn how to make a full-time income blogging the simple and affordable way. The mini-course starts on day one with what you need to do first then goes day-by-day teaching you how to make money blogging, and increase your website traffic. . 

Since October 2016 I have helped over 1,000 blogger reach their blogging dreams. I can confidently say that I believe that 30 Days to Blog Success is the highest value mini-course on the market. 30 Days to Blog Success provides tons of information other people try and charge thousands for. 30 Days to Blog Success is the simplest, day-by-day guide for blogging on the market.The information in this mini-course has helped hundreds of people change their lives forever. This mini-course wont be available much longer so if you want to become a full-time blogger don't miss out on this opportunity.


Who would I like to be?The blogger who changes your life.


Hi, I am Taylor Stanford. 

I love my job. Who else in the world can say that they have helped thosands of people create profitable blogs? I love my job and helping people create. I would love to help you reach your finacial goals by blogging!

I think a lot of bloggers say things like "I never knew this would happen" or "I wasn't even trying to make money" but I got here on purpose, I was trying to grow my blog and increase my income. I think that is why my method of blogging worked so well from the start. I think thats why my method of blogging can help you create a profitable and sustainable blogging income!

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I was a young married girl who liked to scroll Pinterest in my free time. I hated my job, and didn't know what to do about it. I wanted to travel the world with my husband but who really has time for that when you have a full-time job? Oh and not to mention we also wanted to be paying off our student debt, saving for a house, and saving to have kids. I decided one day to jump right in head first and try and start a blog FOR FUN. Three months later I quit my job and now two years later I have increased my income by 400%. 

I didn't end up successful on accident, it wasn't one fluke Pinterest pin that went viral and woo there was my money. Infact I have a small amount of traffic compared to other bloggers. I make as much money as I do because of the methods to blogging I teach in this mini course!

I wasn't the blogger who started making money as someone who talks about blogging. I was a normal girl with a lifestyle blog. I know first hand that you can make a full-time income blogging about anything you want! 

Let me tell you a secret
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It just takes a little knowledge
30 Days to Blog Success a Day by Day Guide to starting a profitable blog.

Turning your small blog into a full time income isn't impossible!

When I started my first website, I read every resource on blogging I could get my hands on. I learned absolutely everything about blogging so I could be sure I wouldn't fail. I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning about blogging through courses and e-books. So many of my findings lead me in the wrong direction. 

I wasted so much time and money I didn't need to. I created 30 days to Blog Success so that I can help as many people out there as possible change their lives and get to work from home without breaking their bank, or wasting their time.

This mini-course will teach you everything you need to know to start a successful blog without all the useless steps other bloggers teach. This guide is simple, easy to follow and will walk you through day by day what you need to do to reach a full-time income with your blog.