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The 30 Day Workbook & Mini Course

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Use this combination of videos, worksheets, and an e-book to learn everything you need to know to go from newbie blogger to full-time blogger.

  • How to find the perfect blog topic for you.

  • How to monetize your website from the start.

  • How to get people to read your blog posts.

  • How to design your website for free with no skill.

  • How you get paid and how to increase your income.

  • How to automate your website, and still make money.

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Have you ever seen a pin on Pinterest like How I Make $50,000+ Per Month Blogging ?

If you are anything like me you have seen those pins of bloggers talking about how they make thousands of dollars each month. I remember being so motivated by those posts but all they really say is:

“I made $50,000+ last month blogging by

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Creating My Own Product

  • Sponsored Posts

  • Ads”

They don’t tell you how to find affiliate programs, or how to include affiliate links in posts the right way to earn money. Heck, they don’t even tell you how you’re suppose to get traffic to these posts with affiliate links in them. They don’t tell you how to create your own products when you have no design experience, They don’t tell you how to contact companies for sponsored posts or make a media kit to send to companies.

By the time I finally figured it out I was fed up with bloggers who kept saying how easy it was but not actually giving any advice so I created 30 Days to Blog Success the complete course that will teach you how to actually make money blogging, if your brand new with no experience or a seasoned pro.

Here is what 30 days of blog success Will Do

Teach You Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money blogging, however figuring how to affiliate marketing can be confusing and challenging.

30 Days to Blog Success will teach you where to find companies to affiliate market for (that pay well), where to put your affiliate links, how to get paid, and how to get traffic to click and buy from your affiliate links.

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Getting people to come to your blog can be confusing, and difficult at first.

30 Days to Blog Success will teach you how to get traffic to your website for free so that you actually have people reading the posts you took so long to write. It will also teach you how to automate this process so you can work less on your blog and enjoy more life.

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money but creating your own digital product is even better.

30 Days to Blog Success will walk you through creating your own digital product for free even when you think you have nothing worth selling, or creating.

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You can run a blog about something you love and make enough money to do it full-time.

I’m not special you can do this too!

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In 2015 I started using Pinterest to plan my wedding, and my husband and I’s first apartment. Then eventually once we got married and became poor young newly weds in 2016 I used it to look for budgeting tools. When I was looking for budgeting tools I started to find blog posts about taking surveys to make money, and how people make extra money blogging.

I kept seeing these blogging income reports from bloggers making $50,000+ doing affiliate marketing and they kept saying it was so “easy” and “simple” so I convinced my husband he should let me use $70 (we were really poor) to start a blog because then I could make $50,000 a month affiliate marketing.

Jokes on me. So I started a blog and realized I knew nothing. These income reports told me nothing about actually making money. I had no idea how to install a theme, or where to find one. I had no idea how to find affiliate programs, or sign up for them. I had no idea how to start an email list, or get people to sign up for them.

So I became obsessed with researching blogging. I spent every moment I wasn’t at work researching blogging, and I ended up trying everything under the sun until I came up with a blogging formula that has worked every day since I started it. I went from no idea what I was doing to making enough money to quit my comfortable job just 7 months later.

My formula is super simple once you get the hang of it and 30 Days to Blog Success will teach it to you exactly but this is the simple version:

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  • find the perfect topic (i’ll help you)

  • find the perfect affiliate program (i’ll tell you how)

  • Write the perfect blog post (I tell you what this means)

  • write x# of posts with affiliate links in them (in specific places i’ll tell you where)

  • create the perfect Pinterest descriptions (I tell you the formula)

  • post on Pinterest x# of times per day (I tell you how many)

  • create x# of Pinterest pictures per blog post

  • Use SEO to get extra traffic & extra income (I tell you how)

  • Use your new traffic, to get brands to sponsor you and write sponsored posts.

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A combination of videos, an e-book, and a workbook which are going to teach you how to start a blog, monetize it, write content, and grow traffic your website so you can really start earning money.

Once you enroll you will get immediate life-time access to the videos, worksheets, and e-book and you can begin the course from anywhere.

This course can completed through any computer, or tablet so you don’t need any special software or knowledge (trust me its so easy anyone can do it)

Here are just a few of the things this course will teach you:

  • how to build your blog step-by-step

  • plus I got you a discount & a free domain name!

  • How to get traffic to your blog.

  • Which type of monetization is most profitable.

  • How to create a product with no special software.

  • How you get paid, and what you need to get paid.


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I know before I invest my time or money into a course, or e-book I always want to know what it has done for other people.

When it comes to blogging what will make it your full-time job are income, and traffic to your website.

The way 30 Days to Blog Success teaches you to build traffic that will last is through Pinterest and the way it teaches you to build income are through product sales and affiliate marketing.

Here is the results of a women who blogged about saving money, and traveling on a budget 4 months after taking the course.

Product Income Growth


her Income in September 2017

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her Income In January 2018

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She increased her monthly income from $574 to $7,228 and increased her amount of products sold from 20 to 213.

And this is just her income from selling an e-book, not including her affiliate income which increased from $260 per month to $3,890 per month over the same amount of time.



Traffic growth from Pinterest

Readers Pinterest Reach in October 2017

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Readers Pinterest Reach in January 2018

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She increased her monthly reach from 30,000 views and 1,600 engaged readers to 921,000 views and 40,000 engaged readers. That amount of traffic was enough to allow her to increase her total income per month from $834 per month to $11,118 per month.

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Worried about investing the money in 30 Days to Blog Success?

Worry no more!

30 Days to Blog Success comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Which means if you go through this course and put in the work but don’t see any results you can send me an email and receive your money back.

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I get it taking an online course for the first time can seem confusing but I promise taking 30 Days to Blog Success is super easy. When you purchase the course you will be taken to a screen that says “We'll email you the PDF shortly” so head straight over and check your email you can take this course from any phone, tablet or computer but I think it looks best on the computer.

When you get to your email you should have an email from Gumroad (the store I use) in that email there will be a button that says “view product” click the view product button.

After you click the button you will then see two pdf files in order to be able to click the links in the file you will have to click “download” button so click the “download” button on the file titled “open first” there you will find a personalized link to the course page where you will see the 8 video modules I have titled BlogWise Academy each module will look like this:

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If you click any of the links they will take you to different websites I talk about in the video, and if you click the next module, or last module buttons you can navigate between modules. In the homework section under the video in most module there will be links to files where you can directly type in notes and things you will need to remember for your blog

Now the second file on Gumroad is a link to the actual 30 Days to Blog Success e-book & workbook. To access it just click the read me, or download button. (I recommend clicking download for this one it is easier to read) and read it from your phone, tablet or computer.

This PDF is my story of what I did exactly my first 30 Days blogging to start making money, and workbook to help you figure out how you can make money blogging too.

It will look something like this:

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Breaking Down The Course & Book

The Course

  • There are 10 videos in total an introduction,

  • 8 modules, and a course congratulations.

  • Each module will teach you about a different topic you need to know in order to make money blogging

  • To go along with those 8 video modules each video will assign you homework and tell you how to complete it and give you the links and tools you will need to complete it.

The e-book / workbook

  • 33 chapters long.

  • Each chapter goes with a day,

  • Each chapter will detail exactly what I did during that day of my blogging journey in order to make money.

  • It will also tell you what you should be doing in order to make money blogging.

  • you do not have to read it at the same time as the video modules if you do not wish.

  • At the end of the e-book there is a workbook which will walk you through some of the steps you need to take in order to have a profitable blog.

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Unfortunately time to enroll in 30 Days to Blog Success is about to end.

I like to be able to work with each group of people that takes 30 Days to Blog Success individually, which means I can only have enrollment open for short periods of time so that I can actually help the students grow and start their blogs. Enrollment is only open for a few days at a time. Enrollment is currently open until:

30 Days to Blog Success Enrollment Ends

May 3rd at 11:59PM CST

Missed the date above, or can’t afford it this month?

click here to join the 30 Day to Blog Success waitlist to be the first to hear the next time the course is open for enrollment.

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There are 8 video modules these will each have homework assignments you will complete in order to start a money making blog. There is a 33 chapter e-book which walks you through what I did daily in order to start a full-time income earning blog. There is a workbook at the end of the e-book which walks you through starting your own money making blog, and what you need to be doing on social media to grow your blog.  


Here is an overview of the video modules:

Module One of The Video Course Teaches

How to start a blog if you have not already started one. This section teaches you how you can get a free domain name and 50%+ off the regular price of website hosting.

Module Two of The Video Course Teaches

How to brand your website yourself so brands and people will take you seriously without spending money on your website.

Module Three of The Video Course Teaches

How to monetize your website, what you need to get paid, and how to come up with digital product ideas for your new blog and business.

Module Four of The Video Course Teaches

How to blog legally, what you need to know about blogging contracts, laws and taxes. How to make sure your doing everything the right way.

Module Five of The Video Course Teaches

How to keep track of your website analytics, and how to use your website analytics to make more money (don’t worry you don’t have to sell anyones information).

Module Six of The Video Course Teaches

How to actually get your ideal reader to your website. We are going to talk about how you can get more traffic to increase your income.

Module Seven of The Video Course Teaches

Why you need an email list, how to start an email list and how to grow an email list.

Module Eight of The Video Course Teaches

How to put your website on auto-pilot so you can work less and enjoy more of your life offline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you have access to the course?

You have lifetime access once you purchase it, if you lose your download email us using the contact page on this website and we will re-issue your download & course information.

What if I lose my email with the course information?

If you lose the course information email me at and I will send over your course information again.

If the course is updated do you get the update?

Yes, of of course you will get the updates to 30 Days to Blog Success. we want you to have the best most up to date information. when we are no longer releasing updates we will let you know.

What is our return policy?

If you go through the course for 30 Days while working on the blog and don’t see any improvement or results then reach out to me via email and we will discuss your refund options.

Who is this course for?

New bloggers, people who want to be bloggers, or people who are currently bloggers but want to increase their traffic, and income.

What if I already have a Profitable Blog?

Do you want to grow your email list, learn how to automate your blog, or continue to increase your traffic and income? Then I totally still recommend this course for you.